Women You Should Know #7: Kathryn Bordoley, Senior Interior Designer


A lifetime of experience, including her study as a pianist, has molded Kathryn Bordoley’s sense of design, earning the interior designer and assistant manager of the Gorman’s Southfield storea role serving as a mentor to many of her colleagues. Although originally interested in becoming an architect, while studying at Duchesne College and The University of Nebraska Omaha, Kathryn discovered a passion for sewing and working with a variety of fabrics. After graduating with a degree in Textiles and Design, she brought her talents to the historic, Detroit-based B. Siegel Company, where she worked her way up to the role of Designer for one of the major clothing departments. After taking a break to start a family, Kathryn returned to the retail sector, shifting her focus to what she always wanted to do, to help people design the homes of their dreams, and has worked at Gorman’s since1996.Kathryn specializes in contemporary style with clean line furniture accented by wonderful art but studies magazines and the furnishings in television shows and in movies to keep abreast of current approaches in design. This enables her to embrace the style of each of her clients, analyzing the layout and over all environment of their home before carefully pulling together pieces and materials to reflect their personalities.