The Magic of Mojo in the Morning

By Mikey Eckstein


In a bustling radio landscape, finding a morning show that genuinely stands out can be a challenge. Enter Mojo in the Morning, a staple for many in our area, known for its vibrant energy, unbeatable chemistry, and an unwavering ability to keep listeners entertained.


At the heart of this phenomenal show is Mojo, a seasoned radio veteran with an impressive 36 years in the industry, 25 of which have been dedicated to the Mojo Show. His experience and charismatic presence anchor the team, providing a steady and engaging touch to every broadcast. Mojo’s deep understanding of what makes great radio is evident in every segment, every laugh, and every heartfelt moment.


Supporting Mojo is the incredible Shannon, whose 20 years in radio and 15 years on the Mojo Show have made her an indispensable part of the team. Married and bringing a wealth of experience, Shannon's dynamic presence and sharp wit add a unique flavor to the show. Her ability to balance humor with heartfelt conversations keeps listeners hooked, morning after morning.


Kev, the freshest voice on the team, may only have a year in radio under his belt, but his energy and enthusiasm are palpable. Married and just a year into his journey with Mojo, Kev's fresh perspective and eagerness bring a modern twist to the show, resonating especially well with newer audiences. His adaptability and quick learning curve have made him a beloved member of the crew in no time.


Then there's Meaghan, single and ready to mingle, and a breath of fresh air in the radio waves. Despite being new to the area, Meaghan’s 14 years of radio experience and seven years on the Mojo Show shine through. Her vibrant personality, coupled with her readiness to embrace new experiences, adds a lively and spontaneous element to the show. Meaghan’s candid approach and willingness to share her adventures keep listeners eagerly tuning in to hear what she’ll say or do next.

What truly sets Mojo in the Morning apart is the undeniable chemistry among the team. Each member brings their unique strengths and personalities, creating a harmonious blend that keeps the show lively and unpredictable. Whether it’s a hilarious prank, a heartfelt story, or a spirited debate, the Mojo team’s ability to play off each other and engage with their audience is unmatched.

Listeners often find themselves not just tuning in for entertainment but feeling like they’re part of a larger family. The Mojo team’s authenticity and genuine interactions foster a sense of community, making every morning feel a little brighter and a lot more fun.

In a world where many shows struggle to maintain energy and interest, Mojo in the Morning excels. Their high-energy broadcasts, combined with a perfect mix of humor, heart, and spontaneity, make them the best morning show in our area. It’s more than just a radio show; it’s a daily ritual, a trusted companion, and a source of joy for countless listeners.

So, if you’re looking to start your day with a smile and a laugh, look no further than Mojo in the Morning. Tune in and experience the magic for yourself.