She’s Not for You


Love is magical; I have never encountered anything more beautiful than love.

In the digital age we live in, it seems that finding love has become more difficult. The influence of social media has blurred the lines of what's reasonable and realistic.

We often listen to people who pawn themselves off as experts when, in reality, they have probably failed just as much as anyone else and, in some cases, maybe even more.

Hopefully, this article will assist you in finding love by eliminating some time-wasting exercises in the pursuit of finding your mate.

1. If you have to ask, “What do you bring to the table?” she’s not for you.
Just asking that question signifies that there is a major lack in the relationship. It is also a sure sign that you don’t respect her.

It is in a man’s nature to be a leader; as such, I know very successful men who have taken women who had very little financially, very little education, but what she had was enough to sit at his table. He invested in her, and they created a very beautiful life together. So if you have to ask, she doesn’t have what you’re looking for; move on.

2. Stop trying to change her.
I once dated a woman who dressed very provocatively. She had a very nice figure and enjoyed showing it off. Initially, her sexy attire was very appealing to me, but over time it became an issue. I assumed that she had an understanding of when to tone it down, but she didn’t. We would often argue about what was appropriate attire. Over time, I realized that what I thought was appropriate was not necessarily what was appropriate for her. So, I explained myself as kindly as I could, and her reply was, "This is my body, and I can wear whatever I want whenever I want." And she’s right. I had no right to try to change her, so I respectfully ended the relationship, and we remain friends. She’s not for me.

3. Analyze the data. I have always been a person who tried to live responsibly.
I don’t spend more than I can afford on things like clothes, entertainment, and things that I really don’t need. It is important to find someone who has the same mindset. I dated a young lady who had poor credit; however, she made decent money, but our priorities weren’t in line. She didn’t have much furniture in her apartment, but would spend large sums of money on designer clothes and trips with her girlfriends. The data of our lifestyles revealed that we weren’t on the same page. Always analyze the data, and in this case, the data says, She’s not the one for you.

4. If you’re always penny-pinching, she’s not for you.
My father would always tell me that money was for women and children. He taught me to never spare any expense to make the people you love happy. I believe that most men share this sentiment in one way or another. It's also a fact that we spend our money on our priorities. So if you’re always penny-pinching, that’s a sign that subconsciously you don’t believe she’s worth it. Don’t get me wrong; being smart with your money is one thing, but penny-pinching on your girl is another. Trust me, if you have the right partner, this wouldn’t be an issue, so if it is, she’s not the one.

5. Even when you argue, argue like you love each other.
They say that an intoxicated person will tell you what’s on their mind. I believe it’s the same for a person who is angry. If you or your mate can call each other names that are totally disrespectful and say things that are clearly meant to hurt each other, in this case, she’s not for you. Love does not take a time out even when you’re angry, so if anger is all it takes for you to go totally out of control, this situation is not for you.

6. If you’re not motivated by her, she’s not for you.
If her presence in your life doesn’t make you want to be better in every way, she’s not for you. If you don’t want to be more successful, healthier, or just a better person, she’s not for you.

Hopefully, you find these six points helpful. We all deserve all the love our hearts can handle, and hopefully, these tips can help you save time on your quest for true love because it’s a magical place.