Our Conversation with Zach Daniels of ZD Productions

By Antisia King


Founded in July 2020, ZD Productions, under the creative leadership of videographer and photographer Zach Daniels, stands as a testament to the art of capturing enduring memories. Specializing in a diverse array of events, ranging from joyous birthday celebrations and weddings to solemn funeral services, baby showers, podcast recordings, celebrity gatherings, concerts, political events, and short films, Daniels weaves a narrative that transcends fleeting moments. With an unwavering commitment to storytelling, ZD Productions goes beyond merely documenting events; it crafts cinematic stories that etch themselves into the fabric of cherished memories.


To connect with Zach Daniels and experience the magic of ZD Productions, you can find him on Facebook at Zach Daniels Photography and on Instagram at zdproductionsllc. With a mantra centered on passion, integrity, and tenacity, Daniels approaches each project with an artist's eye and a storyteller's heart, ensuring that your event is not just documented but transformed into an everlasting, visually captivating tale.

I had the opportunity to ask Zach a few questions and here they are:

BMM: What’s your passion for the field of photography and videography?
ZD: I started filming as a tool to keep me occupied when my daughter was relocated to another state. I slowly but surely grew a passion for documenting memories that we could not get back but could rewatch forever.

BMM: You shoot a lot in the city of Detroit. Why Detroit?
ZD: Detroit is a beautiful place with some great people, art, and culture. This is a proud moment for the city of Detroit right now. The lions are roaring, we’re rebuilding, bringing in new projects and opportunities, and I’m excited.

BMM: I see you've shot a lot of events with President Councilwoman Mary Sheffield. What's the connection?
ZD: Mary Sheffield liked some work I previously did for another client and wanted to support me in my work. She is doing an amazing job for the city and the citizens within it, so I was honored to capture all she's doing.

BMM: The year has just begun. Anything exciting happened so far for the new year?
ZD: I had the opportunity recently to shoot a day in Detroit with Dame Dash and Freeway on their America Nu Network, 365 Tour. It was really cool to capture some dope moments while they were here, and the experience was inspiring.

BMM: Where do you see yourself in years to come in videography?
ZD: My goal is to continue creating as many prominent memories for my friends, family, and clients as possible, and to become a well-renowned filmmaker.


BMM: Are you taking on new clients, and how can you be contacted?
ZD: Those interested in networking, booking, or creating can reach me on Facebook at Zach Daniels Photography and on Instagram at zdproductionsllc. Email: zachdanielsp@gmail.com, phone number: 586-801-2942.

BMM: Thank you, Zach, for your time. We appreciate and love the work you've done for us at Beautiful Machine Magazine, and we wish you well in all your endeavors.
ZD: Thank you for having me. It’s an honor.