MetaH2o: Revolutionizing the Ultra-Premium Water Industry in the USA

By Antisia King


In the bustling world of ultra-premium hydration, MetaH2o has emerged as a transformative force, setting new standards in the water industry. Specializing in the science of hydration and emphasizing the health benefits of oxygen, MetaH2o has rapidly become a name synonymous with quality and innovation.

The Visionaries Behind MetaH2o
MetaH2o Inc., led by CEO Jeremy Odom, is at the forefront of this revolution. Odom oversees overall sales, financial strategies, distribution networks, collaborations, and the digital aspects of the company. His dynamic leadership is complemented by co-founder and President A.Z. Windham, who manages the day-to-day operations of water production, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and documentation. Together, they have built a brand that not only promises superior hydration but also aims to uplift communities.

Jeremy Odom has a rich background in strategic leadership and a passion for health and wellness, making him a pivotal figure in MetaH2o's rapid ascent in the market.

A.Z. Windham brings a wealth of experience in Private Label Manufacturing and a keen eye for regulatory intricacies, ensuring the company's offerings meet the highest standards.


A Conversation with the Leaders
I had the privilege of speaking with both Jeremy Odom and A.Z. Windham about their journey and the meteoric rise of MetaH2o.

BMM: How did the idea of water become a topic of discussion between you both?

MetaH2o: With our combined experiences, skills, and previous projects, it was almost destined that we partner on something impactful. We wanted to be part of something essential to everyone—water. We noticed a lack of representation of black and brown people in this industry and wanted to set an example. Many communities are saturated with stores promoting alcohol and juices with harmful dyes. We aimed to introduce something beneficial to improve quality of life in these areas.

BMM: How were you able to reach over 3,500 stores in 17 different states so quickly?

MetaH2o: Our team! We have a dynamic and activated team from all over the world, excited about the opportunities with MetaH2o. Their dedication and enthusiasm have been crucial in our swift expansion.

BMM: Jeremy, as the brain and face of MetaH2o, delegating and building global connections, what excites you most about MetaH2o and what’s your biggest inspiration?

Jeremy Odom: Our customers' responses are everything to me. I love seeing how they can feel the difference when drinking MetaH2o alkaline water. Our customers love the water so much that they buy it all up whenever they see it. Their enthusiasm and satisfaction are what drive me. My Father is my biggest inspiration. After his passing from ALS, it gave me a reason to want to help people through hydration.

The Future of MetaH2o
When asked about what’s next for MetaH2o, the enthusiasm is palpable. The company plans to continue its global expansion, with major announcements on the horizon. The excitement is not just about the product but also about the mission to bring high-quality, beneficial hydration to more communities worldwide.

As MetaH2o continues its journey, it's clear that this is just the beginning. With its delicious and refreshing alkaline water, MetaH2o is poised to redefine hydration standards globally. So, if you see it in stores near you, give it a try—you'll likely be joining the growing number of enthusiasts who can't get enough of it.


Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing what more MetaH2o has in store for the world!

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