Men With These 5 High-Value Traits Know How To Please A Woman In Bed


Some high-value traits in men translate very well when it comes to sexual prowess in the bedroom. Here are the five traits you should look out for if you wonder if a man is going to a great lover and potential partner.

A provider mindset. Men who are genuinely generous because they love giving to the women they want to impress know how to please a woman both inside the bedroom and outside of it. They love taking out women on dates, planning romantic gestures, and giving her thoughtful gifts or expressions of love. They are generous with their time and energy. They are giving in many ways, and it reflects in the way they love to spoil the woman in their lives.

Respectful, emotionally validating, and open communication. The ability to take accountability. Men who have the balls to communicate with women in a respectful, compassionate, and open manner during any conflict and look toward a woman’s needs and validate a woman’s emotions win a woman’s respect because they’re not afraid to take accountability. They know how to share their thoughts and feelings respectfully and look toward achieving solutions rather than staying mired in problems or using passive-aggressive tactics to “win.” They’re not afraid to apologize or make amends, especially if they were in the wrong. Rather than blameshifting or stonewalling, a man who has the ability to openly communicate also has the ability to listen to a woman’s needs and please her emotionally and sexually because they are mindful of her desires. They’re not self-serving, so they know exactly how to please a woman and what she needs in order to achieve ecstasy.

They’re never “too busy” to make sure the woman they love feels safe and secure. Even the busiest men in the world – presidents of countries, doctors, pilots – all find time to call or text their wives back. They make the time and it’s easy to find a five-minute slot any day just to check in or respond. When a woman feels cherished and paid attention to, lovemaking just becomes another site where that connection can be heightened in a physical way. A woman who is made to feel safe and secure consistently by a high-quality man thrives.

They’re not against reassuring and protecting the woman they love. While other men are afraid of being a “simp” or being looked at as weak for catering to the woman they love, a real high-value man knows that loving and protecting a woman and reassuring her of this love is one of the most masculine things you can do. Rather than calling a woman “needy” for having basic needs, they tend to her and make her feel safe and protected. This attentiveness translates very well in the bedroom.

They are laser-focused on the woman they love and don’t have a wandering eye. A high-value man won’t be following shady accounts on social media or ogling other women. He won’t seek validation from other women outside of his relationship or try to play mind games to “one-up” anyone due to his own insecurity. He’ll be too focused on the woman he loves to set up bizarre love triangles or any kind of weird competition because he knows no one else can compare to her. He truly cherishes her multifacetedness. He values the woman he loves and recognizes their irreplaceability, using both verbal affirmations and concrete actions to demonstrate how much he appreciates her beauty, intelligence, wisdom, talents, humor, and unique personality. These are the types of men who are keepers – both as lovers and as husbands.

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