Lindsberg S. Pettway Jr: Redefining Car Buying with Integrity and Innovation


In an industry often associated with skepticism and high-pressure tactics, Lindsberg S. Pettway Jr is leading a refreshing revolution. As a local Sales Manager at Feldman Chevrolet of Livonia, he is reshaping the car buying experience with honesty, transparency, and customer-centric values.

Pettway acknowledges the prevailing mistrust customers have towards salespeople, particularly in the automotive sector. He emphasizes, "buying a car shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s a dealership, not a ‘stealership.’" His mission is clear; to transform the often daunting process of purchasing a vehicle into a positive and empowering experience for customers.

With a background in education, Pettway brings a unique perspective to his role. Formerly a principal at Winans Academy High School in Detroit, he transitioned to car sales following the school’s closure in 2015. Leveraging his skills as an honest communicator, Pettway approaches each interaction with integrity and empathy.

His impact was immediate, achieving remarkable success in his first month at Feldman Chevrolet by selling 20 vehicles—an extraordinary feat for a newcomer. Harnessing the power of social media, he garnered a substantial following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, offering insights into dealership life and fostering connections with potential customers.


Pettway’s dedication to transparency led him to establish 4REAL Automotive LLC, a venture dedicated to empowering consumers with essential car-buying knowledge and resources. Through his website, he provides comprehensive information on inventory, specials, financing, and customer service tips.

In December 2023, Pettway further extended his reach with the publication of the e-book "4REAL Deal Playbook for Car Buyers," offering practical guidance to empower consumers in navigating the car buying journey confidently. His expertise garnered attention beyond local borders, leading to a speaking engagement at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show in Las Vegas, where he advocated for a customer-focused approach to sales.

Looking ahead, Pettway remains committed to community engagement and philanthropy. His upcoming initiative, the Drive for Education program, exemplifies his dedication to giving back. By partnering with the Plymouth-Canton School District, Pettway's dealership will contribute $200 for every vehicle purchased by school employees, family members, or students, directly benefiting educational initiatives.


Additionally, Pettway extends exclusive benefits to customers, including the GM Friends and Family Discount and a referral bonus, reinforcing his commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Through his unwavering dedication to integrity, innovation, and community impact, Lindsberg S. Pettway Jr is setting a new standard in the automotive industry—one where trust, transparency, and genuine care for customers take center stage. With his visionary leadership, Pettway continues to redefine what it means to buy a car, one honest interaction at a time.

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