Light Up Livernois

By Antisia King


Presented by Amazon: The Fashion of Livernois Ave

Light Up Livernois is a vibrant celebration of fashion, culture, arts, and the rich history of Livernois Avenue. Known for its unique boutiques, local artists, and a diverse array of delicious foods, this event brings the community together in a festive atmosphere.

On June 9th, I had the opportunity to witness the preparations unfold. People strolled down the avenue, eagerly anticipating the big day on July 6th. Excitement filled the air as participants got ready for this much-loved annual event. I took the chance to ask some of them a few questions, and here’s what they had to say:

BMM: What do you look forward to at “Light Up Livernois”?

Guest: I'm mostly looking forward to the beautiful fashion pieces. Every year, I leave inspired and excited to see what I’ll wear and the creativity on display. The creative minds here are brilliant, and the energy the event brings is something to eagerly await.


BMM: Why Livernois?

Guest: Livernois is known for having one of the highest concentrations of Black-owned and operated businesses in the country. People from all over come to support and celebrate these local businesses.

BMM: Other than the unique fashion, what are some other highlights?

Guest: We love the food and music. We come with empty stomachs, ready to taste all the amazing foods. It’s a joyful day that everyone can embrace.

This annual event significantly impacts the community and supports the growth of the Black dollar. By supporting Light Up Livernois, we empower small businesses to thrive, showcasing original talent and highlighting Detroit’s global cultural creativity.

Video Credit: Women In Press