Kory Woods A Journey through Sports Journalism, Photography, and Fatherhood

By Staff


Kory stands as a prominent figure in the realm of sports journalism, his narrative spanning a career ripe with milestones, enriching experiences, and multifaceted talents.

Boasting a career trajectory entrenched within the pulse of Detroit's athletic scene, Kory has carved a name for himself as a seasoned journalist, chronicling the triumphs and trials of the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Lions, and the University of Michigan athletics.

With over five years of dedicated reporting, Kory's journey began as a credentialed reporter for esteemed publications such as the Michigan Chronicle, Woodward Sports, and presently at MLive. His fervent dedication and insightful coverage, especially with the Detroit Pistons as his primary beat, have solidified his presence as a respected voice in sports journalism.


However, Kory's prowess extends beyond the confines of sports arenas. His academic acumen, manifested through a Bachelor of Science in Media Studies and Journalism from Eastern Michigan University, now harmoniously intertwines with his pursuit of a Master of Social Work at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. This diverse educational blend shapes Kory's holistic approach to storytelling, blending the passion for media with a desire to enact positive societal change.

Beyond the ink and the pixels, Kory boasts a rich portfolio as an event photographer and videographer. Collaborating with renowned entities like General Motors, Martell, Detroit -vs-Everbody, The United Way, Teach For America, and Atlantic Records, Kory's lens has captured moments that transcend mere images. His work features collaborations with prominent figures like Kerry Washington, Deelishis, and Dusty McFly, while also encapsulating events graced by luminaries such as Barack and Michelle Obama, Floyd Mayweather, Brandy, and Big Sean.


However, amidst the glitz of his professional accomplishments, Kory's heart lies in two distinct realms: his love for sports and his devotion to Fatherhood. An ardent sports enthusiast, Kory's passion for the game transcends the boundaries of reporting. His experiences covering marquee events like Super Bowl LVI, NBA All-Star 2020 Weekend, the 2018 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, and the Rocket Mortgage Classic reflect his fervor for the adrenaline-pumping world of sports, where he unravels stories beyond the scores, bringing fans closer to the essence of the games they cherish.

But beyond the stadium lights, Kory cherishes the role of a loving Father. While his professional endeavors scale great heights, his heart resonates most profoundly with the joys of fatherhood. Balancing the demands of a dynamic career with the responsibilities of nurturing and guiding his children, Kory embodies the essence of dedication, compassion, and strength, both on and off the field.

Kory's journey is a testament to the amalgamation of passion, talent, and a resolute commitment to excellence. Through his journalistic prowess, creative lens, and unwavering love for both sports and family, Kory continues to craft an inspiring narrative that transcends the realms of sports and resonates with the human spirit.