Jealous or Justified is a monthly segment where we ask our readers to analyze the situation of someone who has asked for our help to see if the person is being Jealous or are they Justified in feeling the way they feel.

Please keep in mind that the term “Jealous” can mean many things in the context of this segment. It doesn’t and won’t always mean jealous in its true meaning. Perhaps the person is just in their feeling a bit too much.


Emily you broke my heart

In life, we often encounter individuals who leave an indelible mark on our hearts. Sometimes, these connections come at unexpected times and in unforeseen circumstances, shaping our lives in profound ways. Such was the case for me; I found solace and support in the arms of a kind and compassionate woman we will call Emily, following the tragic passing of my parents.

As days turned into months, I found myself drawn to Emily in ways I had never imagined. Her warmth and compassion gave me no choice, I was falling deeply in love with her, this was the relationship I always wanted; life was good.

However, fate had other plans in store for me. A few years ago, my buddy told me about a website where beautiful women were looking for well-to-do men basically, you provide gifts and financial assistance, and they handle your physical needs.

At the time, it seemed like a good idea because I was really focused on my career and I didn’t want a relationship, so it seemed worth looking into. When I went on the site to sign up, I immediately felt like it was not for me. Honestly, it all felt a little lame, plus they charge you for everything, you can’t send or receive messages without paying a fee which is actually ridiculous.

My incomplete profile is still on their site without no photos or any identifying information. I tried to erase it, but they make it very hard to do so.

Every now and then, I receive an email that someone has sent me a message. I’m sure it’s designed that way because they figure at one point I will be enticed to respond, henceforth paying the fee.

One Sunday morning, I received an indication that someone had sent me a new message. I always looked just for fun because there are some really beautiful women on this site, but again, I’ve never activated my account or engaged with anyone over the two years I have had the account.

When I opened up the message, my heart dropped to the floor. I immediately felt pain like I had never felt before; the person that sent me the message was Emily my girlfriend. At first, I thought this was some kind of joke, but there was absolutely no way she would have known it was me she had messaged, I was devastated.

After a few days, I responded to her message. She asked me why I didn’t have a photo on my profile, and I told her because I had a public job and didn’t want to risk anything overlapping with my work. I asked her what she was looking for, and she said something discreet that was mutually beneficial, she also said that she had a man but just wanted more out of life financially. I asked her, "What exactly would I get?" She said the best sex of my life.

I immediately discontinued our communication. This had broken my heart into a million pieces. I didn’t understand her need for money. I do very well; I’m in the medical field, and I have several thriving offices, so I didn’t understand her need for more money when I was more than willing to provide everything she wanted or needed it made no sense to me. Then it dawned on me, Emily always had lots of cash perhaps this is the source of here income.

Conflicted and torn between my emotions, I grappled with a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. On one hand, I couldn't deny the immense gratitude I felt towards Emily for being my pillar of strength during my darkest moments. Yet, on the other hand, the revelation of her profile on the website shattered my trust and respect for her. Her words that she was looking for someone to take care of her wants in exchange for companionship burnt a hole through my heart.

In the end, I made the agonizing decision to end the relationship with Emily, unable to reconcile my feelings of gratitude with the sense of betrayal that loomed over our connection. Though I yearned for closure and resolution, I couldn't deny the lingering doubts and uncertainties that clouded my mind.

Beautiful Machine, did I do the right thing? Please help me.

Jealous or Justified?
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