“Jealous or Justified is a monthly segment where we ask our readers to analyze the situation of someone who has asked for our help to see if the person is being Jealous or are they Justified in feeling the way they feel.

Please keep in mind that the term “Jealous” can mean many things in the context of this segment. It doesn’t and won’t always mean jealous in its true meaning. Perhaps the person is just in their feeling a bit too much.

So, my wife and I have been married for over four years. She has two children from another relationship and the father of the two children is deceased. We have just one child together.

The family has always been my wife’s number one priority so when we started dating, I accepted her two sons right away.

Besides going on dates with just her and I, we’d do family-style events, it was great as her kids are awesome.

Once we got married, I assumed the role of Dad. I take care of those boys just like they were my biological kids. They attend a great private school and have a healthy social life; we spend a lot of time together and I truly love them. Once my daughter was born we were a complete family.

Recently my wife said she wanted to talk to me about something. She asked me to legally adopt her sons and said, “I appreciate how you love and care for them, but I think to make our family complete you should adopt them as your own.”

To me, our family is complete. I do exactly what I’m supposed to do so I don’t understand why this is so important.

The more I thought about it the more I didn’t want to do it. What if my wife decided someday she didn’t want to be married to me anymore? I’d still be responsible for the boys!

I love my wife and those boys with all my heart and I plan to be with them all for life. But just don’t want to legally adopt them.

Am I wrong?

Please help me…

Jealous Or Justified
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