Exclusive Interview with Comedian Heather Jay

By Mikey Eckstein


Heather Jay, is a seasoned stand up Comic, Author and Screenwriter from Detroit, MI. With her vivacious personality and energetic style, Heather brings a refreshing approach to comedy that leaves audiences begging for more.

We had a chance to chance to chat with Heather and discuss her journey in the world of comedy, her experiences and her upcoming show, "A Night of Laughter with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Friends" on April 21st. Check out part of our conversation:

ME: What age do you get the “Comedy Bug” and made you realize that this the road that you wanted to go down professionally?
HJ: I think I've had the bug my whole life. I've always been a performer. I was writing comedy in the 5th grade. My friends and I would remix SNL sketches and perform them at school. By the time I got to high school, I was doing Shakespeare Festivals and taking voice lessons. Stand up was the next logical move.

ME: Being originally from Detroit who are 5 of your favorite artists from detroit?
HJ: You can not make a top 5 Detroit artist list and leave out Esham in the rap category. He's such a bad boy. We don't give him his flowers enough. Alise King is one of my favorite singers to watch. She's so talented. Rest in Peace Coolaide. He will always be my favorite comic. There's a poet named Peace Bell. She is an amazing writer and slam poet. And I love Monica Blaire. Period.

ME: After living in LA and touring for the past 10 years, what are a few things that you miss the most about the D?
HJ: Food, attitude and men that know about cars.


ME: What was your 1st paid comic gig?
HJ: There used to be a bar on Grand River called The Blackberry. A very nice comedian and friend named Cornell Spivey gave me $25 for a spot on his show in 2007.

Who are a couple of your Comedian colleagues that you absolutely love doing shows with?
HJ: Far too many to name. Detroit has so much talent. But my close friends in comedy are Josh Adams, Melanie Hearn, Mic Larry, Mike Bonner, Shanie D, Mel Bender. And more. 80% of my circle of friends are performers and entertainers. It's impossible for me to limit these answers. I know so many dope people. Forgive me.

What’s in store for you in the near future?
HJ: I'm very focused on my 3rd novel due out this summer entitled Trust Issues. It is the 3rd installment of my Shorty Detective Series. Yes- I write a detective series about a hood girl from the west side of Detroit that solves murders. You can laugh. It's a comedy/mystery series. I also write for film. I have some projects coming out soon.


You have a show coming up on April 21st at the Royal Oak Music theatre with some pretty big names. Can you tell us what to expect?
HJ: You can expect to laugh first and foremost. And you get to take a picture with a Kennedy in support of his campaign if you want. That should make some people jealous. Some of us consider the Kennedy family to be something like a royal family for Americans-- on the white side anyway. It's the Jacksons on the Black side. Ha! But seriously...it is.

ME: Where can people find tickets for this event?
HJ: RFK has a whole cool website setup with this event information and more! Visit www.kennedy24.com/night-of-laughter-detroit

How did you get involved with the Kennedy family? Is this the 1st time doing something with them?
HJ: RFK and I have a mutual friend. A very amazing man born and raised in Detroit named Mike Binder. He will be with us on April 21st. He invited me to be a part of this show. I'm so grateful for his friendship. He always puts me on the coolest shows with celebrated comics.

ME: Tell us 3 of your favorite Detroit restaurants.
HJ: L George Coney on 6 Mile and Schaeffer, Niki D's Coney Island on 7 Greenfield, Duressi Coney Island on Telegraph.

ME: Where can people find and keep up with you? Website, Social media / YouTube etc.
HJ: Everything is Heather Jay H on all social media platforms.
Website: linktr.ee/heatherjayh