Dame Dash Announces new projects and residency of Christian Vegh and Booster with BlueRocs


Damon Dash, a renowned entrepreneur and filmmaker, has recently unveiled America NU Network, a culturally immersive and comprehensive streaming platform. This network features exclusively curated films, TV series, music, and documentaries. Dash, known for his work on projects like "Prince of Detroit" and the 365 Tour, has been busy collaborating with Christian Vegh, Booster, and others under the BlueRocs Records label, with exciting projects set for release soon.

Mayor Eddie Melton welcomed Dame Dash, Christian Vegh, Booster, and Antisia to a private event at J’s Breakfast Club on Thursday, April 11th. The occasion hinted at future residencies in cities like Detroit, Indianapolis, and Chicago, with more locations to be announced.

BluRocs Records, founded by Dame Dash in 2010, serves as the official home for independent artists across the nation. Dash, an entrepreneur and executive producer known for co-founding Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear clothing, has expanded his ventures to include DD172, a media collective encompassing America Nu magazine, VNGRD79 web design firm, BluRoc Records label, and an art gallery.

Among the artists associated with Dash's projects are Booster, a singer/songwriter, composer, and producer hailing from Detroit, Michigan, and Christian Vegh, an indie artist singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist from Canada, acclaimed for his talent and influence in shaping music.

On May 16th, the BLUROC Tour kicks off at Detroit's EL Club, featuring a lineup of diverse talents, including opening artists Nolaj and Carl Hutting, as well as featured artists like Christian Vegh and Booster. Special guests such as Kittii Red and Micah Dvinci will join, along with the house band supporting both featured and guest artists. The tour will continue to Indianapolis and Gary on May 17th and 18th, respectively.