Sherrese Clarke Soares, the founder of HarbourView Equity Partners, is a Black woman approaching the high-stakes world of catalog sales from a different perspective.


By Chuck Bennett

Photoshop by Kevin Randolph and Styling by Dennis’s Berry for The Suite Depot

If you don’t know who White Boy Rick is, Google him. If you want to learn most of the truth about him and his plight, watch the documentary on Netflix called “White Boy.” Or read the well-documented eBook, “The Trials of White Boy Rick,” by Evan Hughes. There’s also a Hollywood movie called “White Boy Rick,” that White Boy Rick himself has never seen and that he does not advocate.

But you won’t learn about WBR in this magazine article. At least not that way. This is not a story about White Boy Rick. This is a story about my friend, Richard Jo...

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By Demetrius Carrington


My office is in downtown Detroit, and I park about three blocks away. On the short walk I see a mosaic of people, first the new Detroiter, normally a white person walking an expensive dog, the everyday person, the delivery people, the construction worker, the hotel worker, and restaurant personnel.

I admittedly, turn a five-minute walk into a ten-minute stroll as I encounter the folks along my way. I tend to speak to everyone. Most woman are polite but keep it short and sweet fearing I may start shooting my shot so to speak. The new Detroiter tends to be younger and more arrogant, so they ignore my greeting about half the time.

But one day I noticed when I spoke with an...

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Dear Dr. Sabrina,

I am so torn with what to do and I really need your help. I work in the entertainment field and spent many months with NO work during the pandemic. I have twin sons who are 10 years of age. During the pandemic, we had several losses, changes in routine, and frustrations. However, we have done ok and continue to push forward.

Now the major issue…….THE VACCINE. I have not been vaccinated and do not plan to do so. I have become isolated from friends and family as they are angry with me. To take it a step further, they are attempting to bully me into forcing my twins to get vaccinated. Let me give you some additional information about my choices; due to my religio...

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I grew up in a solid black middle-class neighborhood where I was surrounded by great families, well educated people and in our little paradise pocket it was a great sense of pride and community. However, our enclave was surrounded by the contrary and around us was a totally different story. There were drugs and drug dealing, visible signs of poverty, but also a lot of good people.

My Dad taught us early on that just because we had a little more than others, it didn’t mean we were better than anyone else, so I should treat everyone with kindness and respect. That’s how I lived and live today.

Because of proximity, the kids in my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods all w...

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Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, MLK Ski Weekend has become a must attend winter getaway for urban socialites across the world. This event covers 4 days and 3 exciting nights at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania. Held on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, we celebrate the civil rights leader’s vision of equality for all. This event begins with a dedication ceremony to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and features personal development and financial empowerment.

Participants will experience a true winter festival full of indoor/outdoor activities, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, foods, social events, night-time parties, receptions, comedy show, fashion, networking with...

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By Khaazra Maaranu

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Tis the season…to get your products and services in front of your clients.

We are in the middle of one of the biggest opportunities ever.

Everyone is getting paid.

This is the time to make your money!

Many businesses do millions a day during this period, which you may or may not be ready for, yet either way, you can take advantage of the opportunities and information that you currently have.

You need to know a few things.

• Who is your target market (person)?
• Where do they hang out, like how can you find them?
• How can you grab their attention?

Now put your products and services in front of them.

And then “measure and track” your progress.

What you...

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By Mikey Eckstein


It’s truly amazing just how much talent is here in Detroit. Whether it’s music, visual art or fashion, Detroit is well positioned to make major contributions to the culture for many years to come.

Quandell Halston Wright is the creative mind behind the William Palmer Collection, a Detroit Based fashion house. His designs are fresh, innovative and he’s exactly the new energy the fashion industry needs. I had a chance to chat with him recently and the following is a part of our conversation

ME: What's inspired you to start making clothing and what age did you start taking it seriously?

WP: I fell in love with fashion when I was 8 years old, I started off sketch...

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By David Matthews


We’ve been hearing rumors of Facebook wholesale rebranding itself for weeks, but now it finally happened.

Facebook has renamed itself to Meta, with the end goal of ushering in the next generation of the internet known as the “metaverse,” encompassing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and digital infrastructure backed by decentralized technologies such as cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Confused yet? That’s understandable. Here are the answers to the Facebook-Meta questions people are asking.

Wait, so does that mean Facebook is dead?
Yes, but also no. The actual website and mobile app Facebook will still exist as a social network platform. Howev...

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