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Hello I’m Sensei,

On this page I will teach you how Detoxing with natural herbs, electrical foods and simple exercise will not only raise your frequencies, help you lose weight but it will also help elevate you mentally, physically, and spiritually. By applying these methods I was able to shed 170pds naturally without surgery, supplements, or weights in 10 months time.

With this knowledge I was also able to help over 2,000 achieve their health goals and now I’m here to share it with the world.

Living a plant based lifestyle may be hard for those unfamiliar with which foods to eat, I will give you delicious, nutritious recipes that are full of purpose that will help electrify your body and spirit.

So stay tuned...

Signs It's Time To Detox

It’s true that the body naturally detoxes itself, well that’s only if you’re eating the proper foods to ensure this process is taking place. Over years of taking in dead foods such as processed foods, starchy foods, sugary foods, unnatural beverages containing high fructose syrups, etc. you start to weaken the digestive system and places it in a state of overload.

When this takes place, organs step in to assist the digestive system in breaking down the foods in the intestines, these organs are what “naturally detoxes” the body, but since you pull energy from these organs. When it’s time to do their job they fail, because they’ve spent so much energy aiding in other areas outside of their own.

The body is a natural disease fighting machine, everything we place inside of us should have purpose or else you’re assisting in your own sickness. Think about your car, we place the best oils, gas, parts in our vehicles but not in the vehicle that operates our lives the human body.

Almost all diseases start in the colon area before spreading to the rest of the body, polluting the blood cells and interfering with other vital bodily functions. It was found that most patients that die from diseases such as cancer have colon issues.

If a garbage can full of waste attracts maggots, just imagine what the waste in your intestines form attracts, they’re called “parasites.
Parasites are also known as the aliens of the body they control your thoughts, actions, emotions, behaviors, cravings, and much more. They feast on the waste inside of your body, and can lay thousands of eggs daily.

One way to ensure that parasites are present is by noticing toxic behaviors, behaviors abnormal to yourself. Have you always wanted to change your behavior, relationships, eating habits, environment, etc but somehow keep ending up in the same situations?

This is due to memory held in the cells, yes your cells house memory, cells also need to be detoxed, they store emotions, which causes stress to take place which causes the body to go into protection mode. When this happens, it affects the digestion process, and could cause mucus to form. Stress is the number 1 killer and the foundation of all diseases. It’s critical to detox all senses such as the ears, mouth, nose, sex organs, etc. because not just what you eat creates diseases, stress though these senses can also do the job.

What you see, hear, listen to, and who you share intimate energy with are critical when it comes to health. Everything should have purpose as it enters your temple, if it doesn’t raise your frequencies, it will deplete you off them.

So now is the time to detox!

Let's Detox

Jalin is a Detroit Native who specializes in the holistic approach to living. He is a life coach personal trainer and the CEO of JPlan1111 which is a growing business catered to helping other through a holistic approach.

His passion for health and wellness started as a youth. He gained interest in natural ways to self-healing. After researching the benefits of holistic remedies for majority of life, it lead to him discovering a way to detoxify the human body through the feet with utilization of a detox machine that was created 1600 years ago from a Japanese legend.

The Center for Disease Control reports that up to 85% of all illnesses are caused by toxins and pollutants in our bodies.  The Ionic Foot Detox machine is an application of hydrotherapy that enhances the positive properties of water with an electric charge, which energize and heal the body.
Disease is not just caused by physical processes but by social, psychological, emotional, and spiritual factors too. Most all symptoms and problems we suffer are mostly spiritual at least 80 to 95%.

Information on natural and holistic healing are often times hidden from public and I’m here to expose ways to naturally heal ourselves.

The purpose of the detox is to eliminate all negative waste from the body. Foot detoxing is becoming more and more popular as a way to rid the body of any harmful toxins. Potential toxins can range from impurities in the air, to chemicals in your home and beauty products.

If you're curious about what a foot detox is and how it can help you, we are here to provide this beneficial service.

The detoxing process only takes 30 minutes to complete and the service provided is a affordable price of only $50!

Jalin can be reached on his Instagram page @ J_plan1111 and also via cell phone @ (313-404-6217)