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Hello I’m Sensei,

On this page I will teach you how Detoxing with natural herbs, electrical foods and simple exercise will not only raise your frequencies, help you lose weight but it will also help elevate you mentally, physically, and spiritually. By applying these methods I was able to shed 170pds naturally without surgery, supplements, or weights in 10 months time.

With this knowledge I was also able to help over 2,000 achieve their health goals and now I’m here to share it with the world.

Living a plant based lifestyle may be hard for those unfamiliar with which foods to eat, I will give you delicious, nutritious recipes that are full of purpose that will help electrify your body and spirit.

So stay tuned...



Food, as we know, can be our greatest contribution to good health, or to our own destruction. Over time the quality of our food has weakened. Most of us are always in a rush to eat due to our busy lifestyles and kids. So why is food important, what’s its purpose, and some of the ways it affects us daily? Think of your car; it takes a certain type of gas, oil, and other fluids to keep it operational. Now look at your body, when it comes to you are you making sure you’re getting the right gas? Or are you putting any fluids in the most important system you’ll ever cross in this life?

So what is the purpose of food? Well number one, “to feed” but feed what? Our whole purpose is to eat for energy and elevation. The body needs precious minerals from the foods we eat to keep various organs, and function of the body operational. When you don’t feed your body these precious minerals, it strips other parts of the body of precious minerals to maintain an alkaline balance in your cells. When this doesn’t take place, the cells aren’t revitalizing, but combusting. So instead of replacing themselves, they simply die off. When this takes place, deficiencies take place, and soon disease, and numerous health issues.

What should we be eating? Well look at life; the sun is our reason for living, and the plants our reason for breathing. We should eat from nature, foods fathered by the sun. They contain the same precious minerals that our bodies need. Eat foods that are recognizable by the eye, where you don’t have to read words longer than trains, that’s the average eye won’t recognize; more than likely, because they’re poisons. Connecting with a local farmer can help tremendously, knowing the growth process of vegetation, and you’re guaranteed fresh minerals that haven’t spent too much time without the sun sealing its quality.

Over the years, take a look back at your eating habits, now what are you doing to revitalize your body from all that wasted energy, stress, fat, starch, sugar, dairy etc. - all the things that kill our life force, “the cells” - a lot of people are changing their lifestyles for the better, and that’s awesome, but because of those unhealthy years you won’t receive the new minerals from the new choices because of the parasites that have grown over the years. These monsters will strip you and rob you of the new nutrients. Most of the toxic material travels through the blood, causing stones, diseases, heart disease, diabetes, and more. So what’s your way out of this mess? Like any situation, cleansing what doesn’t belong is a start.. food, people, environment, and so forth that’s contributing to what may cause you to eat these toxic foods. So a detox of the intestines, blood, cells, and adding the proper minerals to vitalize will certainly bring your electric force in the body up to the normal ph level for optimum health.



Everything the body needs, was already planted in nature.. understanding what the body is made up of, and what it requires to operate at optimum levels is crucial. Why is a mineral needed? Almost all diseases and health issues start with deficiencies, robbing the body in search of the minerals it needs. Foods are the number 1 source of minerals, but because of lack of knowledge on proper nutrition, lack of quality foods, most aren’t getting the minerals their body needs daily. Diet for instance, as stated food is the number one source of minerals... when you don’t eat foods that provide minerals, your body tells you to keep eating in search of these minerals, these harmful fords become cravings, then obesity comes along with health issues. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer energy loss, no mental focus, etc...providing your body with proper nutrition is the guide to healing, and with proper nutrition can reverse any health issues. This natural herbal combo provides the 102 of the 102 minerals your body needs in one serving.. can help with increase low energy levels, mental focus, fight cravings, reverse health issues, aid in weight loss and more...

note* this product has not been evaluated by the FDA, and isn’t designed to cure or treat any diseases. Check with a physician if taking any medication before taking herbal medicine.

Purchase is for 90 herbal capsules, equivalent to a months supply @ 3 capsules per day. Always drink plenty of water when taking herbal formulas.

Ingredients: Irish moss, burdock root, dandelion root, alfalfa, chlorella, spirulina, moringa, ginger, tumeric, cayenne, bladderwrack, sarsaparilla, maca, kelp, yellow dock, sagrada, rose hips, black seed and more.


$40.00 ON SALE

“SMOOTHIES ONLY” (NO FOOD FOR 10 DAYS) How would you like to lose 7-15pds of unwanted waste in just 10days without exercising, even though I recommend excercising daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Why are we detoxing? Well detoxing is critical because it allows the digestive system to rest, and to be overworked.. during this detox by applying electrical foods to the body, the minerals and nutrients are being absorbed by the body without overworking the digestive system. During this process the body will eat on the old waste for survival “ most will notice waste removal in the abdominal area” and start to discard it. The 10day herbal smoothie detox consists of almost 20powerful natural herbs combined in a powdered herbal formula (used for smoothies), and a detox tea guaranteed to burn fat. In just 10days your body will go through tremendous changes by electrifying your body with fast digestive fruits and veggies, detox water, detox tea, and watermelon, along with a combination of herbs to cut out the excess waste that causes bloating, drainage of energy, lack of bowel movements just to name a few.. when the body is electrified with foods from nature, or shall I say high vibrative foods, the process of healing begins, electrolyte levels are raised, organs, tissues, and muscles begin to function properly, skin is rejuvenated, hair and nails receive the proper minerals for growth, cells stay cleansed, digestion takes place at optimum levels, energy levels are raised, moods become positive, mental clarity, weight loss, sugar and junk food cravings are eliminated... I can go all day naming the benefits, but If you want to get a jumpstart on not only changing your health, but your mindset, cleansing of the body is a good way to start. What you will receive is... detox herbs, detox tea, recipe for detox water, and instruction pamphlet with directions and smoothie recipes.. items you will need to purchase outside of what is provided are... (blender, plant protein, fruit, tea strainer, mason jars “optional”), and measuring spoon. “these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this program is not intended to cure, heal, or treat any disease” “NO FOOD” “SMOOTHIES ONLY” detox includes many powerful, and beneficial herbs such as burdock root, yellow dock, blue vervain, goldenseal, Irish moss, cayenne, turmeric, chlorella, ginkgo, maca, fennel, ginger root, milk thistle, red clover, cascara sagrada, sarsaparilla, barberry, dandelion root, ... orders shipping time is normally 2-3 days


•it’s best to make enough of the smoothie mixtures for 3 servings per day (24oz) at once (8oz. Per serving) to avoid preparation issues.

•if making 3 servings at once (add 1 teaspoon of detox herbs to mixture (24 oz smoothie)

•if making 1 serving (add 1/3 teaspoon of detox herbs to mixture) (per 8 oz smoothie)

•organic fruit is best (buy fresh, then freeze fruit to add to smoothies) (if using fresh fruit properly clean with vinegar and water to remove possible wax and pesticides) soak fruit in vinegar diluted in water for a few minutes

•if fresh fruit is too much work (buy frozen organic fruit)

•you can drink smoothies to fit your daily schedule, drink detox water in between those times

• when making detox water always use spring water or alkaline water (add cucumber, lime, lemon, mint, 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne, grapefruit, agave sweetener can be added to water also for taste (1tablespoon) also berries and other citrus fruits can be added to water per choice. Let sit for a few hours, or overnight for best results. Prep in gallon , and try to drink a gallon per day

•drink detox tea before going to bed, or later in the evening (your preference) steep tea in 6-8 oz of hot water (lemon and agave/honey and ginger can be added for taste)

• Add 1tsp of loose tea to tea strainer, and let steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes (if it comes with loose tea)

•it’s best to store smoothies in mason jars for freshness

• smoothie base can be either water, coconut water, hemp milk, walnut milk, coconut milk, cashew milk (your choice) recipes will be based on my preferences, you can substitute for your own preference if allergies are present, etc... Water is the best base for weight loss to avoid additional calories

•recipes will be for preparation of 3 smoothie servings at once or a little over

•add 1 scoop of plant protein(if making all 3 smoothies at once)

• add more liquid base, if smoothie becomes to thick

•weigh yourself prior and take pics before and after

•watermelon (seeded) can be snacked on throughout the day. If you can’t find seeded watermelon, cantaloupe or honey dew is fine.

*Items needed

•measuring cups
•mason jars (not a necessity)
•tea strainer

*Fruits, veggies, seeds & smoothie base

•chia and flaxseeds
• smoothie base options (choose 1 or alternate): spring water, coconut milk, hemp milk, walnut milk, cashew milk, coconut water
•mixed berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
•sweetners: dates (pitted) or date sugar, coconut sugar, agave nectar sweetener
•detox water: lemon, lime, mint, cayenne, cucumbers, agave (optional), grapefruit)
•bananas (small burro bananas are best)
•spring mixed greens
•plant protein (garden of life “Raw” plant based protein “regular or vanilla is fine”)
•pumpkin seeds
• Seeded watermelon

**** it is recommended not to take prescribed medication while using detox herbs***