Yesterday Is Today So that Tomorrow Will Shine

By Gilbert Borman


We see the old black and white photos of the civil rights era and sometimes forget: it was a time of heroes, heroes we know and the heroes we should know.

Dr. King’s greatness is unquestionable but he could not have achieved what he did without a great supporting cast of unsung superstars, some who are active even today building on what Dr. King started.

One under told story of the era, when it was not clear that the struggle would succeed, Dr. King relied on a team of amazing staff and the help of a unique friendship with the Jewish community of the United States.

Many people have forgotten that, at demonstrations and in the events leading up to the most important marches, Dr. King and his key team members worked closely with their Jewish allies.

Rabbi Joshua Heschel famously marched right next to Dr. King at Selma. They were brothers in faith. Two different traditions that were united in the belief that equality is the only acceptable value in America. Dr. King knew he could call on his Jewish friends and they would be there for him, supporting the movement in every way needed.

With the passing of time, people were beginning to forget about this great alliance, but now a new generation of leaders in the black and Jewish communities are working together to honor the past and build new alliances because the job Dr. King started is not done. The new alliance stresses the shared history of the movement and people who made it happen.

One new leader is Dr. Shari Rogers. If she was once a practicing therapist, what began as intellectual curiosity about the civil rights movement became a mega project transforming her into a creative dynamo putting years of work into building new bridges connecting younger generations with the living legacy of the sixties movement.


Eventually, it brought her to make a mind-expanding documentary film on Black- Jewish history during the civil rights era and the creation of the Spill the Honey Foundation. Its Chairman is none other than Dr. Benjamin Jones, Dr. King’s trusted lawyer and confidant who helped draft the iconic “I Have Dream Speech.” Even at age 93, Dr. Jones is the retired Scholar in Residence at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Institute at Stanford University.

Dr. Jones recently completed a book on the legendary leaders of the civil right’s movement, “Last of the Lions” to preserve the legacy of the leaders who worked tirelessly with Dr. King to change our nation for the better.

While Spill the Honey is a national foundation, this November 13th, at 6:00 p.m., it is hosting an extraordinary local event in conjunction with the Black United Fund of Michigan. Dennis Archer Jr. will be the Master of Ceremonies with Distinguished Guest, former Congresswoman, the Hon. Brenda Lawrence, Executive Director of Spill the Honey and founder of the Congressional Black Jewish Caucus. The event will be at the Atheneum in downtown Detroit.

Not only will Dr. Jones be in attendance but a constellation of the old and new lions will be in attendance making this event one of historic importance.

Beautiful Machine will be in attendance and looks forward to seeing you at what we expect will be a not to be missed amazing event.