Women’s Concealed Carry in Any Outfit

By I'm Lovely Day


It’s a harsh reality that women are often seen as vulnerable targets to those with bad intentions. As many become increasingly financially independent, we live alone, shop alone, travel alone, etc.

Most women understand the importance of being able to protect themselves, if the need arises. However, too many aren’t really as prepared to do so as we should be. The pepper spray on your keychain is great, but in these times of struggle and desperation, more force may be required to get you back home safely. That’s why more and more of us have begun to concealed carry.

Many of us regularly carry using a traditional belt holster, but if we get all dressed up and the outfit doesn’t allow for a belt and belt holster, we’ll just leave our handgun behind for the day, essentially leaving ourselves less protected. Thankfully, nowadays just like fashion is evolving, so are our carrying options. So in this video, I’ll show you how to conceal in just about any outfit.

*Remember to always follow local carrying laws and seek professional help for gun safety and responsible handling information.

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-I’m Lovely Day