Women you should Know

Kelly Houseman


Kelly Houseman MS, LPC, NCC is a licensed therapist and mental health advocate, public speaker, blogger, podcast host, and wellness expert based in the Metro-Detroit area. Kelly has spent her career advocating for reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues while bringing her unique insight and humor to current topics - from social media to global pandemics. Her platforms include her blog, popular social media platforms, and podcast. Kelly’s expertise has been featured on television, radio, and print including ABC, Bustle, and Fox. Outside of her professional career, Kelly is a dedicated wife and mother to two young children. She takes pride in balancing her professional and personal life while giving others advice on how to do the same while being real and authentic in their journey.

‚ÄčKelly believes there are three-characteristics that have helped her with her own success and in her own words she says the following:
Non-Judgmental: I’m a very accepting person, both to my clients and myself. We are all humans doing the best we can to navigate an uncertain world. Giving grace to everyone you meet (including yourself) is vital. We have no idea what someone else may be holding inside and often they have no idea what we do as well.

Facing Fears: Being a leader is scary at times and its uncharted. People are lying if they say they weren’t nervous or uncertain at some point. But the key is to feel the fear and do it anyways because on the other side of that is accomplishment and something beautiful.

Empathy: You can lead a million people, but if you don’t have that human connection and respect, I am not sure you have much. I want to be a leader who people can look up to but also know that she is human and not perfect. I also want them to know I honor their journey to get where they are in life and will always be cheering them on even in their toughest moments.


Kelly is doing more on-air media and motivational speaking, which she loves being able to make mental health mainstream to reach more people. “Talking about mental health and therapy and normalizing conversations and emotions is such a blessing to be able to do,” she states.

“I would love people to learn to treat themselves kindlier,” Kelly says. “There is a lot of bad and ugly and sad in the world I get it.” Many people are struggling right now and even a smile, kind word, or holding the door for someone can go a long way. You don’t have to be fake and over the top but having some compassion for fellow humans and putting good energy out there always comes back to you.


Tanya Hixson


Tanya Hixon, A Native of Inkster, Mother of three, Registered Nurse, Certified Life & Credit Coach, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Educator and she's also a member of the NAACP.

She's the owner of RaphaCare Academy, Corp. a school that teaches and prepares students to be Certified Nursing Assistants and Phlebotomists.

As founder of Angelz Inc. a nonprofit organization that she formed in memory of Eric-Tionte’ Hixon.

Angelz Inc Is a mentorship program for families and family members with disabilities.

All proceeds go towards sponsoring the families for Christmas.

Isis Damil


With warm, fiery mezzo vocals layered in soulful R&B paired with animalistic fashion, Isis Damil proves to be a dynamic powerhouse. This Detroit bred R&B Goddess brings story oriented melodies of love, sexuality and spirituality. She has shared the stage with music pioneers such as Brian McKnight, J. Moss, Don Was, Dave McMurray and has performed at many legendary venues and festivals such as The Masonic Temple, Cliff Bells, Motor City Sound Board, The Detroit Institute of Arts, Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, Detroit Jazz Fest, Arts, Beats and Eats and Detroit’s African World Fest, just to name a few.


Graduate of University of Detroit-Mercy, Isis is also a producer and actress. She recently placed top 3 in the Motown Amplify 2021 competition and has been the leading actress in musical stage plays around Detroit such as “The True Meaning of Christmas.” Isis is currently working on her third project titled ‘Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’ (release date TBA) with a new single on the way.

LALA Trips


LALA TRIPS is a Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Influencer. With about ten years of experience in women’s luxury and contemporary fashion retail, LALA applies her background, keen attention to detail, and creative edge to her current work. Now focused on her fashion business, LALA works with modern boss women to empower, level up, and curate their personal image. She also consults and coaches fashion & retail entrepreneurs to give the insight to help elevate their business.