Women We Love

By Staff

Our area is full of phenomenal women, from our governors past and present to presidents of major corporations, successful entrepreneurs and heads of nonprofit organizations, Detroit is showing the world what "girl power" looks like. It is our pleasure to highlight these phenomenal women, they inspired us with their tenacity and intelligence, they captivated us with their beauty and grace. We truly love these women and you will too.


Joan Frank- Founder of B Frank Communications

Joan Frank is the President and founder of B Frank Communications, a full-service public relations and marketing company based in Berkley, Michigan. With over 30 years of experience, Joan has served a wide variety of client including; Dunkin’ Donuts, Productions Plus-The Talent Agency, Orchard Mall, Chef Jonny Prep, Wendy’s, attorney Sabrina Cronin and Hall & Hunters Realtors. Her fresh approach and keen ability to determine what is truly newsworthy keeps her at the top of her game and makes her the go-to-person for companies seeking publicity.

Joan has the amazing ability to go into a company and intuitively knows exactly how to promote their business. She is an expert at crafting a unique newsworthy stories that always generates media interest. “This is what I love to do best. Nothing is more satisfying to me than to help others build their business,” states Frank. “The best part is that I get to build my client’s credibility. At the end of the day, credibility is key.”

Joan Frank began learning her craft at age 12, when she started work at her father’s advertising agency. Summers were spent working under the wings of the company’s creative, media and public relations department heads. Her education continued at Boston University and the University of Michigan, where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively. Joan kicked off a brilliant professional career by working on events such as the Detroit Grand Prix, the Michigan State Fair and the Montreux Jazz Festival. Additionally, she worked for various agencies throughout Detroit before opening her own business over 22 years ago.

Despite achieving professional success, Joan would face real life challenges in her personal life. After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she then faced a divorce and the realities of being a single mom to two teenage children. This would be a life changer and the illness would force her to question everything.

“It really taught me to focus on what really matters,” states Frank. “I had a lot of healing to do both emotionally and physically.” Looking for answers Joan found a way to heal through methods like meditation, Reiki, acupuncture, energy work and most importantly in giving back.

“Now as a cancer survivor I want to give hope to others. That’s why I became involved with Imerman Angels. The organization provides amazing one-on-one support. It’s been an honor for me to be an ambassador, a board member, and an Imerman Angel’s mentor, for other people going through the same type of cancer I had. This is what I have learned. We heal by giving back. I really want others to know that life after treatment can be better than ever. Never let a cancer diagnosis hold you back. It’s an opportunity for a new life”

Joan lives in Berkley and is the mother of three– two human children and one of the fuzzy kind.

Looking for a way to increase your visibility and put your name on the map? Consider working with b Frank Communications. We are a small boutique firm that offers individualized attention for each and every client. You don’t work with an intern or the newest person in the door you work with me which comes with 23 years of experience and incredible media connections.



Christine Fox - Owner Wag ‘N’ Tails

Before it was typical to see a doggy-daycare on every street, Founder of Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center, Christine Fox had a vision. A - vision of helping people. Helping people help their dogs. That vision has taken her beyond what she could ever imagine.

Being a woman in business, Fox has heard the ear-deafening question “How do you manage your personal life and professional life?” But that doesn’t worry Fox, she makes sure all of the different parts of her life have what they need. Fox’s main focus, and biggest advice to all women in business, is to carve out time for the one at the root of it all: you.

“I begged for a dog my entire childhood, and it never happened,” Fox said. “I would take walks when I was nine years old from my moms work, and I once found a junkyard that had a big black dog. She came running out with puppies behind her and then I not only got to train a dog, but her puppies too.”

Since opening Wag N’ Tails at just 28 years old in 1999, Fox has made sure to incorporate “me-time” into her daily work.

“As a business owner, you make a lot of decisions,” Fox said. “You can’t waste the time second guessing yourself, going back over every little thing. You have to go with YOU, and trust your instincts.”

Taking the time to be alone with her thoughts is what keeps Fox in tune with her natural, entrepreneur instinct. Puzzles, reading and her faith keep her balanced.

This approach to her life has translated to her business as well. In the past year, Fox’s business partnered with UpDog Yoga to teach a dog-oriented yoga event, known locally as Doga.

Fox never imagined that her small doggy-daycare business would transform into what it is today. She reflects on times when her then-infant daughter would nap at the same time as the dogs, and a phone ring could mean disaster for her break time. Fox took her own naps on benches in the daycare, in between walking dogs while pushing her daughter in a stroller.

Now, her learning- based business is the forefront of force-free dog training. 20 years later Fox reminices, but focuses on the horizon of what’s to come. She is currently working on her first book and in talks with a television production company.

So how exactly did she still find time to focus on herself?

“It doesn’t take as long as you think. Each role has a shield, so if I’m coming home from work, I take that shield off in the car, do a breathing exercise for a count of four, and put the next shield on,” Fox explained.

To Fox, her life is filled with many branches. They intertwine, they overlap, and sometimes they’re just downright crazy. But at the end of the day, Christine Fox is more than just a business woman or mother, she is a stable fixture; focused, dedicated and ready to continue to take on the world.



Barbara Spencer Johnson- Artist & Design Specialist

Barbara Spencer Johnson is an artist and design specialist based in the metro Detroit area. She is the owner of Walls of Virtue, a high end faux finishing wall company and the creator/designer of the BSJ Luxury Canvas Art and Wallpaper.

Barbara is responsible for the wall finishings of several prominent moguls in major cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, Indianapolis, West Palm Beach, and Baltimore. She has worked on over 300 private and commercial projects and was was featured on HGTV’s hit show, Show House Show Down. On the show, she was contracted to assist featured designers.

In 2016, Walls of Virtue was honored in Traditional Homes Magazine where her one of kind 11 step reflective ceiling finish, was displayed as a feature design.

Barbara is excited to join the Beautiful Machine Magazine team, she hopes to inspire people to live their best lives through design. She believes that design should go beyond what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and be a true reflection of one’s inner spirit.



Nya Marshall- Entrepreneur, Proprietor and Restaurateur

Detroit entrepreneur, Nya Marshall is looking to usher in a new outlook on American-Fusion cuisine in the city of Detroit.

Her IVY Kitchen + Cocktails strives to connect the Detroit community to a dining experience in the same fashion as ingredients are connected to great food. Located at 9205 East Jefferson, it will be the first of its kind in Detroit in over three decades. She aims to establish a clean, fresh, and modern take on American-Fusion cuisine described as “Eclectic Flare”. Her concept is not only reflected in the food but also in the interior design, which was done by Barbara Johnson of Walls of Virtue.

IVY Kitchen + Cocktails will offer fresh locally sourced meats, poultry, and fish. Along with vegetables served from “farm” to table with vegetarian friendly options. It will also offer a a full-service bar. The restaurant will not only satisfy its patrons’ tastes, but also support healthy eating within an inviting comfortable setting on the boarder of Downtown Detroit.

Grand opening announcement coming soon.



Brittany Crawford- Hairstylist and Ower of Snatchgang Studios

Brittany Crawford is a licensed hairstylist and the owner of Snatchgang Studios, a full-service salon located in Southfield, MI. They specialize in natural hair, extensions, and braids. They also have a barber that provides haircuts for both men and women. Snatchgang Studio has been open almost two years, but Brittany has been a stylist for more than 10 years.

"While being a stylist is my first love and passion, recently my career took a shift. I am now preparing young girls to get ready for the cosmetology world. I started a workshop course for young ladies ages 11-17. The workshop includes basic hair care knowledge, how to properly maintain your hair and various styling techniques. We also teach make-up application, branding yourself and how to successfully start a business. The workshop runs for 6 weeks and is called, Snatchgang Jr Academy.

While I am currently still maintaining my business as well as the workshop for young women, I am starting on my plans for 2020. I plan to open a second location as well as a cosmetology school. I will teach the requirements as outlined by the state board, but will implement a curriculum that will be created by me."