Winter 2021 Luxury Wishist

By I'm Lovely Day

As a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I’m constantly in the malls or online browsing, checking out what’s new and hot, what’s classic and what I think will be a classic, in the future. I’m deciding what I want, what I need and what I absolutely must have. Then after I’ve spent pretty much all of my budgeted shopping money, I start adding items to my wishlist, where I continue to dream. It gives me a reason to constantly update my budget, set financial goals and be more mindful about selecting my actual splurges. Plus, it’s always fun to have some kind of special treat you’re working for.

My most recent wishlist includes jewelry, watches, bags and even a few home items like an Hermès tea set. Take a look and maybe you’ll be inspired to add some of my items to your list or even gift them to someone you love.

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I’m Lovely Day