By Demetrius Carrington


When Mike Tyson entered the boxing game, right away you could tell he was different. From the way he entered the ring. From the beginning he struck sheer terror in his opponents. In Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War there’s a quote that says “every battle is won or lost before it’s fought” and that was indeed the case in most of Mike Tyson’s fights.

Mike’s fights were notorious for lasting just seconds. He made it regular fare to literally knock people the fuck out in dramatic fashion. His fights became must-see events and he almost never disappointed.

As he prepares to fight Roy Jones next it got me thinking, why do we love Mike Tyson so much? I’ll be the first person to admit I’m a huge fan of Mr. Tyson.

I think we all love a story of the underdog winning. Mike came from very hard times, both Parents were drug addicts and as he tells it his mother was a prostitute; the things Mike has seen no child should ever see.


He was a troubled youth, in and out of jail then he met a 71 year old boxing trainer named Cus D’Amato who helped him channel all his anger into becoming the youngest Heavyweight champion of all time.

Mike’s reign as Heavyweight Champ was tremendous. He was dismantling the other fighters in seconds. But he wasn’t like other fighters. Mike was a warrior. His focus was like a laser beam; it was clear from the moment he stepped in the ring he meant business.

But with success came a lot of other things too, failed marriages, shady people around him, even prison time and drug addiction, not to mention the loss of his massive fortune, Mike has seen it all.

At one time, Mike’s behavior was so erratic that I was sure that he was going to self-destruct. I was anticipating that one day TMZ would be reporting the death of the beloved champion. I was scared for Mike.

Then we slowly saw a positive sign. Mike started opening up about his issues. He sought out help and got a greater understanding of himself. We could see a new Mike Tyson emerging right before our eyes. He was at a point that he realized he needed help and was totally honest when sharing his struggles. There was even a Broadway play about his life.
You can see that Mike is a lot better now, but just like all of us he’s a work in progress. I love Mike Tyson. I wish I could be as dominant in my profession as he was in boxing. When I see Mike now I see a Man that’s kind, giving, sensitive, and funny. I pray that his healing continues.


Coming from where he’s come from he wasn’t supposed to have made it, he wasn’t supposed to be one of the greatest boxing champs of all time. He’s not supposed to be loved and admired by people of all backgrounds after all his mistakes but he is. He’s not supposed to have one of the most popular podcasts out but he does. He’s not supposed to be about to fight again at 54 years old but he is.

Mike has a beautiful soul, he's a survivor. His talent has given me so many great moments that I can’t even count them. I root for the underdog, I cheer when they win and hurt with them when they lose. Redemption is beautiful, and I see a Man that is fighting to redeem himself and what he’s doing is wonderful. And that’s why I and many others love Mike Tyson.