Why Dr. Griffin should to be your Plastic Surgeon

By Antisia King


As cosmetic procedures become more popular, it’s important to choose the best surgeon for the job. We are very fortunate to have great surgeons in Metro Detroit but the one that stands out is Dr. Delorean Griffin of Griffin Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Griffin is an award-winning plastic surgeon who has serviced Metro Detroit for over 6 years. He focuses primarily on breasts and has extensive experience in contouring following weight loss procedures.

Dr. Griffin upholds the highest safety and ethical standards. He is known for his compassion and excellent bedside manner. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.


I recently got a chance to ask him a few questions, here’s a bit of our conversation:

BMM: At what age did you realize you wanted to be a doctor?
DR: Early on in high school, I knew I would have to make a real commitment and I was willing to do the work.

BMM: What school did you attend?
DR: I attended the school in Maryland and college at Florida A&M University

BMM: What’s the most sought out procedure?
DR: Tummy tucks.

BMM: What makes a person a good candidate for surgery?
DR: Being healthy is most important. Also, having a willingness to commit to a healthy lifestyle including exercise, eating healthy and most importantly a proper mindset.

BMM: What are some of the risks associated with cosmetic surgery?
DR: There are risks with any surgery but complications from anastasia fluid collection and blood clots are the most concerning.

BMM: What is the typical recovery time for most procedures?
DR: In general six weeks, that gives the body enough time to heal and reset.

BMM: Do you have hospital privileges and if so, why is that important?
DR: I have privileges at St. Mary’s and Beaumont Hospitals. Hospital privilege allows me direct access to everything I need to get the best result for my patients.


BMM: When someone is choosing a surgeon what should they look for?
DR: First, make sure the doctor is accredited and board certified. Look at the before and after pictures. Find out how many times and how often they perform the procedures they are interested in, and also, check for claims and deaths.

BMM: Why should patients choose you as a doctor?
DR: My results, I can relate to specific body types, especially with women of color. I’ve been around women of color my whole life and I understand how they should look.

BMM: Tell me some of the benefits women have after a successful procedure.
DR: It improves their confidence, appearance, and self-esteem hopefully adding to their overall happiness.

BMM: Besides surgical options, do you offer anything else?
DR: I offer alternatives to surgery including skin tightening devices, scar treatment, and skin care products.

As you can see plastic surgery is a serious decision, choosing the best surgeon is key to having a successful procedure.

Dr. Griffin is kind and passionate about his work. He takes his patient's goals seriously.

Before you decide on a procedure, reach out to Dr. Griffin. Contacting him could be the difference between success and failure.

His office is located at 6900 Orchard Lake Rd Ste 105, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322