Who AM I

By Antisia King


I was born a girl who grew into every woman. A woman wears many hats and goes through many phases of life. The great thing about us is we’re easily adaptable and we're centered around love. That is why I am not just a woman, I am every woman.

Women are the natural nurtures, givers and caretakers of the world. We are filled with so much compassion. Many years ago, it was unheard of for a woman to work. Fortunately, we’ve come so far from only being the caretakers of our homes. Women have leadership roles in businesses now. As a matter of fact, women run more successful businesses today than ever before. We thrive in many different areas, including the medical field, public relations, technology, arts and more. Women make everything look good no matter if we are home caretakers, behind a desk, or even twirling around a pole.

Through my adolescent years, I was always a girly girl. I played with dolls, dressed up in my mother's clothes, had tea parties with friends and played house trying to mimic what I thought was adultlike. As a young adult, I did the typical things young adults do. I thought I knew everything and was irresponsible. I was finding myself and my sense of independence. I also experience the joy and pain of young love. Most importantly, I discovered self love and learned self-worth.


When I walked into womanhood, I had to trade my baby heels in for grown woman stilettos. In addition to my body changing, my mind set had to change as well. I learned accountability, mastering being in control of my actions and reactions. Experiencing the responsibility of motherhood, love, losses and heartbreak is the beauty of womanhood. The abundance of love that we're able to give is a God given gift. Women are the most alluring creatures on earth. Our beautiful shades, different shapes and sizes and our uniqueness is timeless.


So, the next time you see a woman at a bus stop, shopping, laughing, working  or stressing know that she is me and I am her. I am every woman.