Where’s my Michelle the Stallion?


I grew up in a solid black middle-class neighborhood where I was surrounded by great families, well educated people and in our little paradise pocket it was a great sense of pride and community. However, our enclave was surrounded by the contrary and around us was a totally different story. There were drugs and drug dealing, visible signs of poverty, but also a lot of good people.

My Dad taught us early on that just because we had a little more than others, it didn’t mean we were better than anyone else, so I should treat everyone with kindness and respect. That’s how I lived and live today.

Because of proximity, the kids in my neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods all went to the same school.

What I quickly realized is that while we were all the same, we lived a bit differently. Most of my friends come from outside my circle. They seemed cooler in some way, they never panicked or worried about the small things and they had a let’s figure this out mentality. They were creative also and what I liked the most is that they were very appreciative, unlike some of my other friends who often took things for granted because of the better environments they were raised in.

The girls from outside my neighborhood were a lot different too. They were carefree and relaxed but they were tough because they had to be. They would curse you out in a second, were not to be taken advantage of and they weren’t afraid to let you know that. But even though they were tough, they had a softer kinder side and some had a real hunger to make positive changes in their lives. These girls turned into women who are real team players, and if they love you there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for you. There has always something sexy about these ladies beyond the more revealing clothing and as I got older I realized that the sex with them is often a lot better.

Conversely, the women from my hood were a lot more reserved and pretentious. In school they joined clubs to build social status, and now as adults choose there friends based on their position in life as opposed to connection. To sum it up these women are and have always come off as fake and insecure. They panic easily and are not tough like the girls I knew from some of the other neighborhoods. It’s also been my experience that the sex is just okay.

Now, of course there are great things about them. They are great moms because they had great moms, they are marriage material, they come from households where the parents stayed together until death did them part. They are family oriented.

They usually have a good education and have careers with high earnings. They take care of themselves, eat right and exercise on a regular basis. They are great women.

Don’t get me wrong, they are great however, there is something missing.

Through my experiences growing up and along my travels as an adult, I have came to appreciate what’s great about both types of women. The issue for me is balance, I can’t seem to find one with the perfect balance, it’s either too much of this or too little of that.

If I described my perfect situation, it would be a “Hood Girl” who made it but still lives by the code she grew up under. She’s tough; educated; down to earth; appreciative; no nonsense; family orientated and takes no shit, very sexy and street smart.

Once I thought I had found her. we went out on a few dates and I was really thinking I had hit the jackpot. One morning she texted, she said “I’m sorry but you’re a little to corny, I like more of a bad boy.”

Damn! I guess I wasn’t the right balance for her! So I continue my search. I know she’s out here and when we meet we’re going to have the best life ever but until then,

Where’s my Michelle the Stallion?