When the Smoke comes

When “The SMOKE” comes
By Demetrius Carrington

The Urban Dictionary defines the Smoke as the following:
The smoke
Retribution for physical or verbal conflict


Over the past few years, we’ve seen video after video of Whites flexing their White privilege only for things to go bad for them in the end. Remember all the “Karens” of the world telling bold face lies only to be outed as racists when the facts came out? Most of them lost their jobs, businesses and were even arrested in some cases. They weren’t ready for the Smoke

What about all the videos of the Good Ole Boys calling black people “Nigger”? It was amazing to watch because the group felt so empowered that they didn’t even care that they were being taped. The Good Ole Boys were proud to put their hate on full display. The group felt tremendous power until the victim of the hate got fed up and unleashed the Smoke. This unleashing involved the release of a recording displaying the victim on the ground wondering what hit them. It was the Smoke! Of course members of the Good Ole Boys lost their jobs and reputations as a result of the hateful acts they committed.

What about the domestic terrorists that stormed the capital last month? They roamed through the sacred grounds of the United States Capitol Building looking to get their hands on the Vice President and Speaker of the House to kill them both. These terrorists stole computers and destroyed offices all while recording their criminal acts for the world to see. One of the terrorists even tried to sell Nancy Pelosi’s computer to the Russians. For some reason, these people believed that they were within their rights as Americans to commit this illegal act of insurgency, but they were wrong. To date, the FBI has made hundreds of arrests in relation to this incident. They anticipate that there will be many more arrests to come in the near future. Each day we are seeing more accounts of the Feds escorting these terrorists out of their beautiful suburban homes in handcuffs. Many of them are facing serious jail time as consequence for their actions.

There were fifty police officers injured and five lives lost during the insurrection at the Capitol Building. Those people involved aren’t prepared for the Smoke headed their way.

Photo Courtesy of Blink O'fanaye via Flickr

Remember that there are always exceptions to the norm. Some people want all the Smoke. One of my favorite television shows is Netflix’s Ozark. On the show, there is a character named Darlene Snell who is a drug dealer that doesn’t take shit from anyone. If “I want all the Smoke” was a person; it would be Darlene. Unlike the other characters, Darlene understands the Smoke; she is the Smoke in a lot of situations; and she’s always ready for the Smoke. Take a look at Darlene in action. (Courtesy of Netflix)

So before you tell that little white lie, get a little something extra at the self-check out without paying, drive after too many cocktails, or decide to skip the condom; be sure to ask yourself….Will I be ready When the Smoke Comes?