We’re not canceling Dave Chappelle and here’s why

By Dorian Faison


Image by John Bauld via Flickr

I’m a 40-year-old black gay man who lives in the south, Atlanta to be exact. I grew up in Chicago and have lived in Houston, Detroit, and New York City.

I have always lived my truth since I was 16. I was lucky enough to have a supportive family. They didn’t agree with me being gay at first; they thought I somehow made a choice to be gay. Though through loving conversations they understood this is how I was born, the choice was already made for me, and they never cancelled me.

Yes, I found some of Dave’s remarks a little off-putting, but being black, that’s nothing new. I think we need to stop acting like we’re the mafia. Instead, we need to educate people, because there’s a lot of people who still think being gay is a choice.

A better idea than cancelling Dave Chappelle is cancelling the racism that exists within the gay community. In every city that I have lived in, our community has been divided by race. To put it bluntly, black and white gay people don’t associate together. Even pride events are dramatically segregated. In order to combat racism within the population we must first combat it at the root in our own community.

Being black and gay I know what being cancelled feels like; it is not healthy, productive, and rarely works. Who gave us the authority to cancel anyone anyway?

As a Black Gay Man, where was the gay community when Black People were being killed by Police? Where was the gay community when people racially insulted Black People? I never saw the Gay Community cancel Paula Dean who was recently back on television with Gordon Ramsey in July. Just to name a few, did you cancel Hulk Hogan, Dog the Bounty Hunter, or Michael Richardson?

Don’t get me wrong, hate is wrong, Asian hate, Black hate, Gay hate, all hate for that matter, but the first hate I ever felt was due to the color of my skin. I don’t think we should be trying to cancel Dave Chappelle or anyone, especially a Black Man right now.

As a gay black man, until the gay community is ready to join hands and cancel hate within our own community, I’m not canceling Dave, Netflix, or anything else.

Just think if the black community canceled all the people and corporations that not just hurt our feelings, but damaged lives and our communities.

The world would be a totally different place.