Welcome To SkinBarVII

By Sari M. Cicurel


The world needs to decompress. We’re here to help. Welcome to SkinBarVII, Detroit’s premiere facial spa. The mission is to bring high-end skincare to Detroit. Facials are sometimes viewed as a luxury, but we believe they are more than that. They are a powerful preventative tool to help nourish and replenish your skin, as well as an opportunity for you to relax and take care of yourself. And because we believe in the long-term benefits of receiving facials and skincare treatments using only high-quality ingredients from the earth, we’re committed to making them accessible to all. We have great things in store for this city and the skincare industry. We hope you’ll embark on your skincare journey with us.

Sevyn Jones is Founder and Head Esthetician of SkinBarVII, I bring over 10 years’ experience in esthetics to our spa, as well as over 20 continuing education classes. I am fascinated by the science behind skin, which is why I’ve designed our treatments to target root causes rather than temporary fixes. My passion has driven me to become Detroit’s skincare expert – because I believe that proper skincare is more than surface deep. It’s also about wellness, healthy eating, and taking care of your whole body. My practice extends beyond simply, skincare. It’s about the everyday connections I make with people who come to my spa. It’s about helping them on their way toward healthier skin, re-building self-esteem, and watching my clients thrive as they invest in their own wellbeing.