Valentine’s Day Essentials (How not to fuck Valentine’s Day up)


#1 The Company you keep

Although we’ve been trained to believe that Valentine’s Day is just for lovers, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s also a great day for a first date. But you must avoid doing anything stupid or that sends the wrong message. Instead of red roses choose white and don’t pick the most romantic restaurant in the city. Don’t add unnecessary pressure let the spirit of the day be your friend and you’ll probably have a great Valentine’s Day.


#2 What not to do

A. Do not rush the date, it’s a given you’re probably going to score that night. So relax and enjoy the evening.
B. Don’t pick your favorite places, make this night all about your date. Make them feel like it’s all about them and their appreciation will be worth all your effort.
C. Don’t wait till the last minute make plans, don’t penny pitch, live a little make it a night to remember.
D. Don’t group date, it’s a horrible idea…


#3 Dress for success

This is a special day; get a new outfit. It’s true when you look good you feel good.