Until We Care

By Russell Lee


In the United States of America, the racial divide between African Americans and Caucasians has always existed. Even though civil rights and liberties may have gotten better for African Americans over the last 50 years, the division and inequality between the two races continue to exist. After witnessing the recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we see that the racism and bigotry of America’s past continue to haunt us in the present.

When America elected the first black president in 2008, minorities were hopeful that it would change race relations in the country. After all, how could a country ever be racist toward black people if it elected a black president? This logic seemed to make sense until the racists, neo-Nazis, and bigots came out from hiding and started making their voices heard again. Then we saw race relations get worse again instead of better.

What does this all mean? It means that electing black politicians is not going to solve racism in America. Since the problem of racism started with Caucasians, then Caucasians are the ones who must end it.

The Solution

The good news for African Americans is that there are a lot of Caucasian groups in the United States who do support equal rights and liberties for all. The bad news is there are other groups of Caucasians who do not. Therefore, the divide between these groups of Caucasians is what needs to be amended.

How can this happen? First, the Caucasians who support racial equality have got to step up and fight harder. It is not enough just to vote for a black president or senator. If you’re a Caucasian who sees racial injustice, then you must speak out against it. Do not turn a blind eye because you’re afraid of criticism from people who oppose your views. It will take an act of courage from more Caucasians to help heal the racial divide.

Also, Caucasian parents have to do a better job of teaching their children about the harm of racism and why it is wrong. And in case children have racist parents, let’s make sure that schools do a better job of teaching about racial equality too. It is important that children have more positive influences in their lives when it comes to race. Without those influences, children will grow up to be racists like their parents or peers.

As Americans, we all have so much more in common than we might realize. All of us have to work to make a living and feed our families. All of us have to pay taxes and follow the rules of society. So, why can’t all of us be viewed the same? If we could talk to each other more and get to know the people of other races in our communities, then we would notice the similarities more clearly.

Caucasians must carry the mantle and push this message forward to their children, students, and everyone else they encounter. And yes, Caucasians should join their fellow black citizens in conducting peaceful protests for racial equality. African Americans are still a minority race in the United States, so they don’t have the power to do it alone. The Caucasian race must help make it happen.