By Larry Williams


When you’re young, people give you all the encouragement you can stand. They tell you, you can be a doctor when you grow up, a lawyer, or business owner and that list goes on and on.

Now, for many years I’ve known I would do very well financially and the fact of the matter is I’ve done very well for myself. But I want to be wealthy, the kind of wealth that will support generations of my family that I will never know. I want that type of cash.

As an adult, when you speak of acquiring this kind of wealth is normally when someone starts running bullshit lines like, “you’re rich in love or you’re wealthy in family”.

Well, all that is great but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about straight cash, equity, and assets. I’m a kid from southwest Detroit; I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve made millions and lost millions. I’ve helped a lot of people and have been helped by many along the way. But I must admit it gets hard sometimes staying focused and keeping your motivation to level up. I find a great way to stay motivated is to help others. Help comes in many different forms: a phone call, an introduction, or a simple referral.

But as easily as help comes so does hating. A big one here is not sharing information that would help someone out. I’m not complaining; again, I’ve done well but I’m far from what I envision for myself financially. However, I believe we could all do better for ourselves if would work together more instead of against each other.

Well, Last Wednesday was a good day for me. Forbes Magazine placed Jay Z on its Billionaires list. This is huge for many African American entrepreneurs like me. That was the burst of energy I needed at the right time. I connect with Jay Z, we come from the same background, had similar experiences, and yet we’ve both made it. I met Jay Z. He’s smart and very focused, but so am I. Sometimes we need that cheerleader like we had when we were little kids. And when Forbes announced Jay Z was a billionaire, it was like he was speaking to me directly saying “Larry this is Jay Z, we both know you can do this. Why aren’t you on the list too? I’m waiting on you”.

And that’s all I needed. Things sound cliché a lot of times, but we can really do whatever we want to do. I urge you to find the motivation in whatever you want to do for yourself because you can do it. We all need that push. Look at who your friends are, what TV shows you are watching, what about your health and diet? Ask yourself, “Are these people and things holding me back?” If they are, you know what must be done.

As for me, “Today was a good day”.