Tips for avoiding the quarantine break up

By Rachel Smith


This started off as everything you’d hoped for. Hours on end spent with your best friend, talking, playing some of your favorite games, drinks flowing without the pressure of waking up early and of course, plenty of sex.

But now that you’ve been living in paradise for four weeks it’s probably starting to lose its luster. You’ve gotten tired of staring at each other 24/7 and you’re arguing more or you’re at the point of ripping each other’s heads off. Well we have a few tips that could help you out.

Try to keep things spontaneous:
This seems like a difficult task but you can achieve this at home. Cook your significant other’s favorite dinner, get dressed up for each other and pretend like you’re going out. Turn on your favorite movie and set up the living room like a theatre. Get all of the snacks together and get into it.

Don’t let that sexy fizzle out:
I know you may be tempted to throw on that oversized t-shirt and baggy pajamas because you’re at home with nowhere to go but don’t do that. I’m definitely an advocate for comfort especially in your own home, but it’s okay to bring the sexy back for your lover. Instead of your typical sleep wear throw on some lacy things. And don’t just put all of the pressure on the ladies. Fellas, you have to step it up also, slide into those silky boxers and perhaps give your lady a good strip tease, we love that.

Communication is more important now than ever:
I’m sure you’ve noticed that the arguments are more frequent and sometimes over the most feeble of things. It’s expected, we’re simply not used to being around each other for these extended periods of time. Normally one or both of us would be working which provides that much needed break from each other. But this also can be to our advantage.

Pour your heart out to your lover, allow yourself to be vulnerable the way you did when your love was new and make sure they feel safe doing the same. Everyone has different communication styles so it’ll take a bit if patience but it’ll be worth it.

Don’t break your normal routines:
This one is a major key; if he likes morning sex do it, if she likes scalp massages before bed do it. If he’s used to his 30-60mins of solitaire unwind time when he gets home from work, make sure you give it to him. If she’s used to her quiet bathtub time while you’d typically be out having guys night go find a book to read and don’t disturb her. These recharge times are even more important now than before. Respect your partner enough to still give them the time they need to themselves.

Most of all remember we’re all suffering, we’re afraid of the unknown and we’re not normal because our current situation isn’t normal. So be kind, be patient and remember you love each other, and everything will be fine.

Happy Quarantining!