By Antisia King

Over Breakfast with my Dear Friend Demetrius, we began to reminisce about our childhood. Growing up in an urban environment like Detroit was challenging but also a lot of fun.

One memory we both spoke fondly of is when our parents would have those “Gotdamn House Parties.”

On Party night everything changed. Make no mistake, the parties were for adults but we had a blast too.

The following is a blended account of how it went down at those “Gotdamn House Parties” from our point of view. I hope you like it…

On the weekends, my parents would host these “Got damn house parties.” My Mom would fry a whole bunch of fish and chicken and my Father would load up on booze.

It wasn't just party time for the grown-ups. It was also party time for us. We got to stay up late, my cousins normally got to sleep over, we would get the best snacks, and we could jump on the bed and be loud and watch television shows that were normally off limits. The only rule was to not come out of the room unless someone was dying.

Of course, we didn’t follow the rules. We would lie on the floor at the top of the stairs and take it all in.

It seemed like they were having the best time. We heard loud laughter, good music, especially Marvin Gaye, and we always found out some secrets that we dared not to repeat, like how our uncle James would come upstairs to the bathroom and soon after, Carol from church would join him for what seemed like an eternity. We would catch Uncle James every time, but he’d just give us two dollars each and we wouldn’t say a word. Two dollars was a lot of money back then.


When Uncle Deejay would arrive we would start smelling a weird smell. It didn’t seem like the normal cigarettes my Aunties would smoke, and he shared it with everyone in the room. We were confused but everyone wanted a turn with this magical cigarette.

It was funny to see my Parents dancing; it kind of humanized them in this strange way. Before these “Gotdamn House Parties” they were just my Parents but seeing them in a social setting I could see the love they shared. It was nice to see.

But the night wouldn’t be complete till my other two Uncles would almost get into a fight and five minutes later be laughing together and both saying how much they loved each other.

As the night went on, the tempo of the music slowed until my Father pulled the plug on the party. He would then drive his two Brothers home and when he returned, he and my Mother would relax on the couch and laugh about the night’s shenanigans.

I miss those “Gotdamn House Parties”. I learned a lot about life just watching adults at play. I learned a lot about my Parents and as the years rolled along I learned that some of my friends were actually my cousins.

Gotdamn Uncle James and those “Gotdamn House Parties.”

This article is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Jerome Rogers, better known as Uncle DJ.