Things New (Women) Gun Owners Should Know


Since my first video teaching women how to Concealed Carry even when they’re dressed up in various styles of clothing (no need for oversized tees, jackets and hoodies), I’ve received so many comments and questions from women who are new to handgun ownership or are just beginning to explore the idea of being able to use force to protect themselves. In the process, I’ve heard lots of statements that indicate many don’t fully understand the enormous responsibilities and legalities of handgun ownership and concealed carrying. Many have it in their heads that simply owning a firearm will keep them safe. Others have the misconception that as long as their gun was purchased legally and is registered, the law will automatically be on their side if the worst should occur. Unfortunately, these things are not necessarily true. Gun ownership is not a one and done transaction. It’s not as simple as buying a gun and doing nothing else. Afterall, we are talking about a tool to protect life, which could ultimately result in the unfortunate event of taking one. This comes with incredible responsibility. This means securing it, training to properly use it, understanding your rights and more. There’s a lot new gun owners need to be aware of and this video just scratches the surface.

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~I’m Lovely Day