The World is Waiting (Seeing the World with Alicia Price)

By Alicia Price


“Traveling is too expensive.”
“I want to travel but I don’t have anyone to go with.”
“I need someone to plan the trip.”

We’ve all heard these excuses; probably even uttered a few ourselves. But that’s really all that they are...just excuses.

This isn’t one of those unrealistic “I Quit My Job to Travel The World” stories. It’s more like a transparent conversation with one of your friends over drinks and good food. I am here to break down the misconception that traveling is expensive, ease the fear of solo travel and give suggestions on destinations, from a not so touristy perspective. Now I do not claim to be a travel expert or guru but through plenty of trial and error, I’ve learned valuable lessons and had several “ah-ha” moments that could have saved me a lot of time and money.


Let’s be completely honest, traveling isn’t marketed for people like me; a minority woman from the middle class and from a city with a not so favorable representation. So, I decided to share my travel experiences to encourage people, especially people of color, to not only see the world but to be seen as well.


It’s more than just a change of scenery…more than that escape from daily life; traveling has been the catalyst for my growth. It was the exposure to new experiences and being immersed in different cultures that changed my perspective on life. So whatever you’re reason for taking a vacation; whether you’re soul searching, seeing the Eiffel Tower is on your bucket list or you simply need a few days away from the kids, let me help you get passed those excuses and make it happen.

Until we meet again (next month)…