The Wellflower


Rob McCurren, of Ann Arbor, is a retired prominent ER physician who after years of practicing medicine desired a second career outside of that field. At around the same time, in 2015, he lost his wife, Maureen McCurren to metastatic breasts cancer, after a grueling 3 years of chronic chemotherapy, severe pain uncontrolled with opiate medications, and chronic nausea/vomiting and anorexia.

“She obtained her medical marijuana card and began using cannabis,” he recalls. “The benefits of cannabis for her condition were clear and undeniable. I have no doubt that it significantly improved and extended her life. She was able to reduce her opiates for pain control with cannabis, and for months at a time could only eat if she was medicated with cannabis, and on multiple occasions experienced uncontrolled pain which would have required admission to the hospital had it not been for cannabis which enabled her to control the symptoms.”

For those reasons, he gathered his cousin, Trent McCurren, of Grand Rapids, who has 15-plus years of corporate leadership experience, and their friend, Rob Hynes, of Pontiac, who has extensive experience in real estate sales, brokerage, and development, and they formed The WellFlower, a Michigan-based, vertically integrated cannabis company.

“We decided to start The WellFlower to advance the cause of cannabis for wellness and medicinal uses” explains Rob McCurren. “My hope is that my role as a physician with years of experience in the traditional medical world, advocating for the benefit and safety of cannabis can help advance the cause for all. I also believe that it is a safe and enjoyable option for those that enjoy it recreationally like myself. The stigma needs to go.”

The WellFlower retail locations are in Manistee, Ypsilanti (Opening 3/25/22), and Whitmore Lake/Northfield Township (opening in 5/22). Greensprout is its’ cultivation and extraction lab in Bangor, and Buddy Detroit is the cultivation facility in Harrison Township.

On Saturday, they celebrated the opening of the Ypsilanti store with a private pre-grand opening party. The event was attended by the entire WellFlower team with employees and partners from all the operations. Also in attendance were Heidi and Stephen Johnson, state-approved social equity applicants and long-term residents of the Ypsilanti community.

“Our license in Ypsilanti is an adult-use retail license and requires a local social equity partner and we’re proud to work with them,” says McCurren.

A hearty meal that included smoked chicken legs, mac and cheese and smoked sausages was catered by Blue Tractor in Ypsilanti. DJ Myint kept the tunes flowing as guests enjoyed beer provided by North Peak Brewery. There was a THC-infused beverage and a THC-infused cake that were served, as well as responsible cannabis consumption in a designated area.

As a charity component, McCurren, has created Sprout Love, a non-profit in Maureen McCurren's memory. It is a program that is part of the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor and provides financial assistance grants to individuals and families that are undergoing financial crisis while undergoing cancer treatment. Donations at the party were directed to this fund.

“We also support the Higher Learning Institutes in Pontiac,” says McCurren. “This institute provides education for individuals who want to work in the cannabis business. They offer educational programs in cannabis cultivation, extraction, and retail management. The WellFlower provides scholarships for local applicants as well as training and mentorship opportunities at our locations.”

McCurren was also quick to point out that cannabis consumption is not allowed on site at a cannabis retail store once licensure is obtained, and that this was a one-time opportunity to enjoy cannabis products in a private setting before a license is officially granted.