The Styling Closet: Mrs. Michigan-America Pageant

By Latrice Delgado - Macon


Great news! I have decided to represent my community in the Mrs. Michigan-America Pageant to be held on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at the Plainwell High School, in Plainwell, MI Women, like me, chose to participate in the Mrs. Michigan-America Pageant, because they empower women with their successes, personal development, and endless community involvement. I am asking you to please help me with my endeavor to participate and in return you will be recognized in the program book and on my social media planform.


Your monetary support will aid me in preparation to be my best self on that day ie: Wardrobe, travel expenses and entry fee expenses. I truly appreciate your support and ask that you will purchase a ticket below or donate towards this once-in-a-lifetime enhancing journey. Your investment in me would mean so much and is greatly appreciated!


Mrs. Detroit - America Contestant,

Latrice Delgado - Macon

Pageant Class of 2021