By Demetrius Carrington


For nearly two decades T. Woods parties were not to be missed.

The city’s most beautiful women were sure to be there followed by the smoothest guys Detroit had to offer.

But like anything time changed, most of those beautiful woman are now wives and mothers. So what was Mr. Woods to do with his incredible guest list.

However all was not lost, to this day he still hosts special events around large scale sporting events. Truly he hadn’t missed a beat, the events are just fewer and further between.

For any Promoter the goal is to own your place. Where you can create your own atmosphere and make all the money.

Finding the right situation is a daunting task in a city like Detroit.

The rents have skyrocketed and other issues are at play as well.


But good things come to those that wait and Mr. Woods has found the perfect spot for his second coming, he calls it Brush Street Cocktails and Grill.

Mr. Woods describes Brush Street as a place you can come and relax have a good meal, a great drink and of course hang with Detroit’s beautiful people.


I can’t wait Mr. Woods you’ve never let us down.

Stay tuned for opening date information.