By Antisia King


This time of year, we’re supposed to be our happiest and filled with joy, love and laughter. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality for some of us.

Let's start with this pandemic, this warfare, that has negatively impacted everyone in some type of way, leaving us all heartbroken. We’ve all lost a loved one, family or friend due to this illness, and the nation is grieving. Quite frankly life doesn’t feel good right now.

I remember when I had COVID in the beginning of the year, the worst part about it was not being able to hold and touch my son. I remember having to talk to him through a window like I was in prison and even worse explaining to him how he could not come home to me for 2-3 weeks while I was sick. Not being there for him and having him with me was the worse feeling ever, but what I can say, I am grateful that I made it when so many people didn't recover the way I did.

This lack of human contact has been heartbreaking for me. Everyday, trying to decipher between the what, when, where or how to restart seems overwhelming. We are living in a time where we’re being forced to make decisions that we never thought we would have to make, and sadly the unthinkable has become the new norm.

In some type of way, we have all experienced a financial setback. Layoffs and a plethora of businesses have closed, inflation is ridiculous, everything has gone up. Like the infamous rapper Fat Joe said “today’s prices, are not yesterday’s prices." Real-estate has increased well over 30%, the cost of food is over the top, the cost of self-care services are mind blowing.

The costs of goods and services are not the only thing increasing, with divorce rates higher than ever it seems more and more people are less willing to commit leaving lonely hearts and single people out there waiting for true love.

I feel the lack of social interaction and communication could be the reason why the single rate is so high. The Fear of losing someone or failure can cause a person to not even have the desire to pursue what could be a great relationship. One thing for sure is we all need love and want to feel loved. For those who are single and feel lonely, what are we supposed to do at Christmas?

But the good new is, if you’re reading this you’re not dead and in a few more weeks it will be a new year, we’ll have an opportunity to start anew.

So let's set some goals; health, financial or personal and stay focused, and pray we never have another year like the last two.

Because this shit is sad…