The Peter Shin Story

By Antisia King

temp-post-imageCover Photo By Amy Nicole

When you first see Peter Shin you instantly notice his superior swag. From the moment you speak with him you quickly realize there is definitely something different about him.

Peter has a warm worldly vibe that instantly makes you comfortable. He is a really interesting guy, so, I had to learn more about him.

Photo By Anthony Morrow

I recently got a chance to speak with him and these are some of the things I learned:

BMM: Hello Peter, are you from the Detroit area?

PS: Not originally, I was born in Hawaii and raised in Seattle

BMM: What brought you to Detroit?

PS: I was recruited by Shinola for a job. That was seven years ago

BMM: Are you still with Shinola?

PS: After my employment ended with Shinola I started my own PR and marketing firm called See-Me

Photo By Anthony Morrow

BMM: What exactly do you guys do at See-Mee?

PS: We help our clients achieve their goals. We take their ideas, sharpen them and make sure the world knows what they have to offer

BMM: You’re also working in the Cannabis business aren’t you?

PS: Yes, I recently curated a Cannabis inspired dinner party, but let's be clear, at these events it’s not about getting high. It’s an all five senses experience where we have world class food and art. We create an atmosphere that is comfortable and encourages social engagement

BMM: What made you stay in Detroit after your employment ended with Shinola?

PS: I simply fell in love with Detroit! I honestly now consider myself a Detroiter. My Wife loves it here and I’m raising my two boys here. Detroit is stuck with me

Photo By Lizzy Graham

BMM: Tell me about your personal style?

PS: I really don’t have a defined style, I wear what if feel

BMM: But your look is so effortlessly cool, do you have anyone you get style inspiration from? Who’s your favorite designer?

PS: Well my favorite designer is Gucci and if I had to pick someone that I get style inspiration from that would have to be Pharrell Williams

BMM: What do you like most about Pharrell?

PS: For me it’s not just the way he dresses; I appreciate his whole vibe, the way he sees the world and the energy he offers the world is really why I get inspired by him

BMM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

PS: I am active in the Cannabis industry with my Partner Tatiana Grant at Cutivate MI Solutions. There’s so many layers to the Cannabis industry and we plan to explore many of them.

And we’ll still be servicing our clients at See-Mee so I have enough to do!

BMM: Thank you for your time Peter

When I think about the “New Detroit” I’ll forever think about Peter Shin. As an “Original Detroiter” I happily embrace the likes of Peter Shin to the Detroit family any day.

And that is the Peter Shin Story…

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