The Other Side

A Memoire of a Self Proclaimed Sucker for love…

By Demetrius Carrington

How did this happen? This wasn’t the plan; I was supposed to keep it business, no personal shit, just business.

But who was I kidding, I had been friends with her on Facebook for a few years and from the moment she accepted my friend request I felt something. She was beautiful in the most authentic way. She had the most beautifully melanated skin I had ever seen. Her smile could light up a room and her dedication to her child was a delight to behold.

Of course, I barged into her inbox from time to time with that tired ass “Good Morning Beautiful” bullshit and perhaps she replied once but I honestly don’t remember. But whenever she made a post I would always pay attention to it. I got a certain measure of happiness just from her posts. They gave me hope that the woman of my dreams was still out there because she looked just like her, she loved her family just like her, and she would be intelligent just like her. I never really considered that she could possibly be my dream girl. Plus, there was no way this marvelous creature could be single, that just couldn’t be possible.

Fast forward a few years, she made a post about her family’s business and this was my chance. I could call her with a legitimate business inquiry. My plan was to make my introduction and offer my services. So we discussed what I could do for her business and we agreed to meet and discuss this matter in detail. We met at a restaurant in midtown and from the moment I stood face to face with this woman I was hooked. She was more beautiful, more intelligent and even a better mom than I already thought. It was no doubt I looking at my dream girl. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I simply saw heaven in her eyes.

I know it sounds like bullshit but it was love at first sight, this woman had snatched my soul and didn’t even know it. I felt a closeness I hadn’t felt in such a long time. I felt like her and her child could be my “reason why.” I wanted to be with this woman, I wanted her problems to become my problems, I wanted to be a hero in her eyes. I had fantasies about paying our household bills, taking her child to soccer practice, giving him “the talk” and taking him sneaker shopping. I could easily see us being the perfect nuclear family.

It very rare that you see someone on social media and they’re exactly what they appear to be. But she was even more alluring than I could even imagine. This woman was perfect in my eyes I wanted to be her lover, her friend, I wanted this woman to be my wife. I was willing to do whatever it took to make this work, all those silly little molehills that become mountains I was willing to make the compromise for the benefit of us.

Perhaps I may seem a bit desperate or maybe even pathetic, but I’m not overstating just how wonderful she is, this woman is magical. Every man doesn’t deserve a woman like her. But I certainly do and there she was right before my eyes. I felt I was built to love her, cherish her, I couldn’t believe I finally found the elusive “perfect woman.” She was so smart, her mind was full of things I wanted to know, she was living art, in a word she was everything.

One day we were sitting in my office talking and she got up and kissed me. It was like I was dreaming. I can honestly say it was the best kiss I ever had. I wish Apple would invent some kind of app that could share your true emotions with someone, that would make this whole thing a lot easier for me. Because she needed to know that I loved her.

So as the months rolled along I felt like we were getting closer. I freely shared my feeling with her and I’m thinking “what woman doesn’t want a love like what I’m offering.”

I decided to make my move; it was time to see what the other side was thinking. I decided to try and make this a real relationship. I can’t ever remember what question I asked her.

All I remember was watching her beautiful mouth as she said; I DON’T WANT A RELATIONSHIP RIGHT NOW! It was like she was speaking in slow motion.

I died a little at that very moment.

Oh well, welcome to the world of a Sucker for Love…

I’m just happy for the time we spent together.