The New Focus (what we should care about this year)

By Demetrius Carrington

Some things should be obvious but they’re not. We complain and complain but do nothing. The world is in an interesting place and there’s a list of issues that definitely deserve our focus immediately.

The following is a list of issues I believe deserves our total focus going forward.

1. Your Health
This should be the most obvious one of all! I’ve noticed younger people are contacting more life-threatening conditions like Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Early detection and living a healthy lifestyle can totally be the key to surviving these diseases and in a lot of cases avoiding them altogether. So see your doctor, start eating right and control your bad habits.

2. Our Planet
Yeah, it’s cool for it to be fifty-five degrees in January, but it's also a sign that our ecosystem is off. Most of the world’s leading Scientist agree that global warming is real and immediate action is needed. We need to take this very seriously, the earth is suffering and it needs our help.

3. Politics
This is more important than ever before. Not just on a national level but local politics is important. Right now our country is experiencing turmoil like I’ve never seen in my lifetime and politics seems to be the leading reason. Politicians make major decisions that affect our lives. We need to do our homework on these politicians. Know their background, their social beliefs and their stance on the matters that mean the most to you. And never miss an opportunity to vote, your vote counts make no mistake about it.

4. Self-improvement
It’s time to get serious with yourself, be honest and make positive changes in your life. What you may have to admit may not be pretty but you’ll be a better person for it. Don’t delay it another day, fix yourself.

5. Your Finances
Think of the future, stop spending money on useless things. Focus fixing your credit score. Make some
Investments and save some money. Take a close look at what you are spending your money one, I bet you'll be shocked.

6. Your Moral Compass
It doesn’t matter what you believe in, but let the morals of your beliefs be your guiding force. Our society has gotten to a point where everyone does whatever they want to do. And that thought pattern can be linked directly to some of the failures in our society. Some things are sacred and should be treated as such. So protect your integrity by being true to your belief system.

I hope this list proves to be useful information to you, and we all make 2019 our best year ever.