The Negative Effects of a Second Trump Term

By Russell Lee


When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016, it was a day that set America backward instead of forward. His predecessor, President Barack Obama, ran an administration on the principles of hope and change. He was the president that helped carry us forward toward a more progressive country. So, how could America elect a successor who is the complete opposite of him?

The answer is simple. Trump told one lie after another in order to get elected. He managed to convince his voters that he would bring jobs back from China, secure the southern border, end domestic terrorism, and replace Obamacare with “something terrific.” Unfortunately, Trump failed to live up to any of his promises during his first presidential term.

Even though the unemployment rate was low before the coronavirus struck, Trump had nothing to do with it. Obama left Trump a great economy with a declining unemployment rate. All Trump did was sit back and take credit for the job that Obama did. Taking credit for other people’s accomplishments is what Trump has always done best. When things go wrong, he is quick to blame everybody else but himself.

Where We Are Now

Let’s review where we are right now in America. We have a coronavirus pandemic which has already killed more than 100,000 Americans and counting. Trump had every opportunity to take precautions back in January to prevent the virus from coming to America. Instead, he declared the virus to be “fake news” and a “hoax” because he wanted to keep the stock market strong.

Yeah, how’d that work out for him? The market dropped over 30% in March because of the virus. Now we have a high unemployment rate that is close to 20%, trillions of dollars more added to the National Debt, and a president who cannot admit the truth about anything. Trump’s even gone so far as to blame Obama for the coronavirus, even though it didn’t even exist when Obama was president. There is no shame at all in Trump. That is what makes him dangerous.

There is still a strong 30% base of support for Trump in the upcoming presidential election. It is astonishing to think that 30% of the country cannot see through Trump’s lies and deceit. Either that or they do not care because they want to hurt Democrats and liberals. But what this 30% base doesn’t realize is they’re only hurting themselves. Trump does not care about them and never will.

The Second Term Nightmare

Can you imagine what Trump will do in his second term? He’s already survived an impeachment trial and the Russia investigation, so he’s feeling pretty invincible right now. Trump can say or do anything and pretty much get away with it because the Senate Republicans will protect him no matter what. They protected him in the impeachment trial just like they protect him after every lie that he tells.

On top of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re forced to deal with Trump’s racist behavior too. This was clearly demonstrated when he talked about the Charlottesville protests and how there were good people on “both sides.” One side, of course, was comprised of neo-Nazis.

In recent days, Trump has gone so far as to approve the use of tear gas and physical force against peaceful protesters when he went for his photo op in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church. These were people protesting the police violence against George Floyd and other African American victims like him.

If we have four more years of Donald Trump, we will see race relations get worse in the United States. Trump only knows how to divide instead of unite. When Trump tries to pretend to show empathy for a victim of police violence, it always comes out self-serving and unsympathetic. After all, Trump claims he is the “law and order” president who has the support of the “tough people.” These are the cops and bikers, apparently.

Okay, so what could he possibly do in the next four years to top his disastrous first term? Here are some of the possibilities:

- Trump will likely have the opportunity to nominate two new judges to the Supreme Court. This will make it the most conservative Supreme Court we’ve seen in a long time. American rights and laws will be set back 50 years if this happens.

- Race relations will get worse because Trump incites violence with his rhetoric. We’ll have riots every day in this country, with looting and arson becoming a common thing. The conservative media likes to blame it on liberals, but the rioters who commit these crimes are reportedly not the same people who protest. They are reportedly white supremacists and people looking to cause trouble on purpose.

- The National Debt will surpass $30 trillion. Don’t forget that Trump was a lousy businessman who bankrupted countless businesses in his personal life. Does anyone have any confidence that he’ll solve the National Debt crisis? No way.

- The rich will continue to receive all the tax breaks, while the middle and lower class have to pay the price. We may have received $1,200 stimulus checks, but who’s going to end up paying for those in the end? The same people who received them.

- The unemployment rate and economy will get worse. Trump doesn’t have the skill to reverse the effects of the coronavirus and what it did to the American economy. If he continues to give tax breaks to corporations and wealthier Americans rather than lower-class and middle-class Americans, then the economy will stay in bad shape throughout his second term.

- And, of course, we’ll have to see four more years of Trump tweeting about how everybody treats him unfairly and that he is the best at everything. If somebody blames him for something bad, he’ll do what he always does. He’ll blame Obama.


There has never been a more crucial election in modern American history than the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. We have the chance to prevent America from sliding further into a dictatorship with more extreme racial injustice. All we have to do is vote Trump out of office. He’s already trying to cheat the election by preventing mail-in ballots from being used. Do whatever you can to make it to a voting booth on Election Day if you can’t vote by mail. The future of the country and the planet are on the line here.