The Most Dangerous Man in America

By Stan K.


I’m sorry, America, I voted for Donald Trump. I believed a successful businessman could be good for the country. I believed he was going to drain the swamp. I believed his tough approach would be good for us all.

I was wrong. What he’s done is empower racists, nearly bankrupt the American Farmers, and brought shame and reproach on the office of the President with his childish behavior and bully tactics. He’s repeatedly gone against the US intelligence services denying things that have been unequivocally proven.

He’s made the Republican Party, my party, unrecognizable and I’ve never seen anyone lie as much as he does.
President Trump’s ego is so large that it’s become a danger to us all. His lackluster response to the Coronavirus has cost American lives.

While he should’ve been preparing us for this upcoming Pandemic he was at a campaign rally blaming the Democrats for this “Coronavirus Hoax.”

What’s a hoax is his whole presidency. We are not great again, Mr. President; people are dying because of his poor leadership.

As I recently watched the daily briefings on Corona I cringed after he repeatedly undermined the facts the medical experts would tell us. On one particular day you could see the frustration on the faces of the medical experts that surrounded him.
On another day, he lashed out at a reporter for asking him to give the American people some reassurance about this situation.

And when he does give hope it’s always false hope. Remember he said by Easter Sunday he thought everything would be fine. Instead of preparing for Easter dinner we’re preparing for the worst week of this pandemic so far.

His response to this Pandemic has been a disaster. I couldn’t believe when he stated that he told Vice President Pence if the Governors weren’t nice to him don’t talk to them. People are dying and our President is worried about how people are talking to him. Again America I’m sorry I voted for him.

President Trump is a narcissist and egomaniac. But the bigger problem for me is why aren’t other Republican leaders standing up to this Bully? They sit and watch knowing that this isn’t right and say nothing. I will never be a Democrat but I’m not voting for Trump again.


I believe our party will suffer long-term. Our country needs to heal after this administration. We are the best country in the world and it is heartbreaking to see other world leaders laughing at the President of The United States.

President Trump reminds me of a kid I grew up with back home. He wasn’t good in sports but he always had the best equipment. He never got picked to play right away, so instead of him getting better he would just take his ball and go home. Well, Mr. President we need for you to be better.

I’m afraid of what the next few weeks will bring considering the President refuses to call for a national shelter in place order even though the medical experts think it’s what’s needed.

But what really hurts is how the person entrusted with leading us could end up being the MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA.

I’m sure we will get through this thing. Americans are tough, we’re smart, and resolute. We will come out of this a stronger nation in spite of our failed leader. We will survive.

God bless us all and God bless America!