The Mom’s Back to school blues


As we enjoy the last month of summer, we know the back to school blues is right around the corner. When you walk into most stores there are school supplies on display reminding you it’s time to go back to school. You see back to school commercials advertising these fake ass sales on every channel. Where is the deal in buying two for 100 or one for 49.99?To top it off, most of the things you need are sold out. Teachers are asking for items I never heard of. They are sending home these silly ass supply lists, requesting everything in bulk, like what the hell do I look like at Sam's Club?

Back to school shopping is only one aspect. Re-adjusting the kids from their summer fun freedom to their school schedule is a headache. The school traffic will bring out all your road rage. It's already enough dealing with rush hours, construction zones and the terrible drivers.Before you pull off on school mornings, you will need to strap in your patience.

You will also need patience when dealing with homework. Helping kids today with their work can make you feel like you are back in school. So if you happen to see a mom stressed, just give her a pass, move out her way and know it’s a mom with the BACK-TO-SCHOOL BLUES.