The importance of donating blood

By Antisia King


Do you know that there are four main blood groups and a total of eight different types? 38% of the population is O -Positive, 34% is A -positive, 9% is B- Positive and 7% O - Negative. Blood cells are one part of our body that can't be grown or made. Blood is a component that we all need to live, and without blood there is no life.

Often times we don’t think about ever needing blood until there is an emergency or when you're schedule for surgery or a a medical procedure and most people then, do not even know what blood type they are. It is important to know ahead of time what your blood type is because waiting on the test results could take anywhere from several minutes to seven weeks to come back. Say you went to the Doctor and ended up needing a procedure on your knee, what would happen if something went wrong during the surgery and you lost a significant amount of blood? Would you know your blood type? Is this information present on you at all times in case of emergencies like this?

Receiving the wrong type of blood could be life treating as your immune system would reject it, the antibodies can attack the new blood cells and cause a serious problem. There is a small risk of this occuring as it is with anything that is not produced by your own body.

Rest assured, the benefit of donating blood is much greater for us all.

The most important part of blood donation is being able to help someone else in a serious time of need. Being able to give someone a second chance at life is the greatest reward. Blood donors and blood banks have been essential through out our lifetime.

In many cases when a women gives birth, there is a possibility of loss of blood, or the need to have blood on stand-by. This is vital to life so that we can give back to life. Life is a circle and we all need each other.

So next time you go to the doctor find what blood type you are and if are you a good candidate to donate blood.

Blood donating awareness #redcross #givelife #giveback #blooddonor #weneedyou #thecircleoflife #makeachange By. Antisia King