The Importance of A Father

By Antisia King


Fathers, they lead their families, provide financially, spiritually, and emotionally, and every kid needs their Dad. The first Man that a little girl will ever love is her Dad, so his importance cannot be understated.

Dads can do no wrong in their children’s eyes; he’s like a superhero to them. Dads seem to have all the answers to every question.

Dads make you feel perfect in every way; they’re gentle and sweet and most of all, they make you feel safe.

My Dad has groomed me into the Women I am today. Levi Johnson Jr. better known as ‘Papa, and “Papa didn’t to take no mess.” He’s loving, supportive, stern, and funny. The three most important things that he taught me are to always trust God and he will direct your path, be responsible, and be accountable for my actions, and I’ve lived my life by those rules.

My Dad would say after every good or bad situation to trust God. My Dad also taught me to never depend on anything or anyone, just trust God. And that you get out of life what you put into it. He also taught me to never “take the last” of anything, especially at home. My Dad would never drink the last bit of Kool-Aid. He said, “if you’re not going to make more so the next person could have some, then don’t drink it”. As I got older, I saw the lesson in what he was teaching us: be considerate to the next person, don’t always be quick to take, and that sacrifice teaches you discipline.

Over the years, I’ve learned every lesson he was trying teach me. I see my Dad in a different light these days. I now appreciate his sense of humor and his individuality. My Dad is a dope artist and the lead singer in his two bands. And he’s the only Man I know that has created his own “Soul Sauce” and might add it’s a mighty fine soul sauce. it’s the best BBQ sauce on the planet and I dare you to say anything different.

Although Papa’s lessons were sometimes hard to deal with, everything my Dad does is out of love for family.

My Dad is the perfect example of what a Man should be. He loves and cherishes his wife and he raised some beautiful children.

I can’t imagine my life without my Dad; I’m thankful for his constant love and support.

Happy Father’s Day Papa!

I love you,