The Dos & Don'ts when your in an auto accident by Attorney Lindsay Sikora


With no-fault insurance laws changing in Michigan, there is a lot of new information you need to know if you are in a car accident. Lindsay Sikora, owner and founder of Sikora Law Firm, a thriving personal injury firm in Farmington Hills, has some important tips to share.

Sikora Law Firm ( specializes in auto accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death, dog bites and general negligence. Lindsay Sikora has become the go-to attorney the “big firms” call when a case is less likely to settle as she gets the job done. Attorney Sikora has been practicing law for nearly a decade and has been named one of Michigan’s Super Lawyer Rising Stars, an exclusive honor given to only two percent of Michigan attorneys. She has been featured in Michigan Lawyers Weekly magazine and Hour Detroit magazine for her legal accomplishments. Lindsay is an experienced litigator who aggressively advocates for her clients and has recovered millions of dollars in settlements.

The Dos and Don’ts When You’re in an Auto Accident


1. DO…call the police and insist that all those involved wait for the police to come. Be calm and wait in your car, if possible, for the police to arrive.

2. DO…leave your car in the exact location of impact until police arrive so they can better assess fault. If you can’t for safety reasons, pull over as close to the scene as possible.

3. DO… assess your injuries. If you feel you are unable to get out of the vehicle, then don’t do it and immediately call 911.

4. DO…check your car for damages and take pictures of your vehicle and all vehicles involved (including license plates) as well as your surroundings.

5. DO…be mindful of what you say to the other driver. Less is more.

6. DO…give the police a statement and, if you feel in any way injured, no matter how slight, please relay this to the police officer. Whether or not you are injured will appear on the police report which your insurance will see.

7. DO… go to the ER if you feel in any way injured or shaken up.

8. DO…tell the emergency room you were in a car accident so they can better assess your injuries. There will be a record for the insurance company and the appropriate insurance will be billed.

9. DO… tell any physicians or facilities you see that you were in an auto accident so they can better assess and bill the appropriate insurance company.

10. DO…contact your car insurance agent or company right away to make a claim for property damage to your vehicle and an injury claim if you were injured. There are notice requirements and deadlines for making such claims in your auto policy so it is important to tell them right away.


1. DON’T…leave the scene.

2. DON’T…agree to merely exchange “information” and then leave. It is very easy for people to get imitation proof of insurance documents to drive around with AND without a police report, some insurance companies won’t pay for vehicle damage or injury claims.

3. DON’T…brush off not feeling well after an accident. When in doubt, get checked out!

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