The Direction of Men's Fashion


Welcome to our newest monthly feature on Men's Fashion brought to you by Touré Coates of SERCH/DSTROY. Get to know Touré as you will be hearing a lot from him!

By Touré Coates

My name is Touré Coates but most people know me as Scootie McB. I started SERCH\DSTROY in 2008 originally as a way to deliver art and inspiring messages through clothing. I was inspired by more well known brands like Rocawear, Sean John, Enyce, Akademiks and such at the time. I was very young but the interest was there to tap into. Over time I would get introduced to more streetwear brands like Undrcrwn, Crooks & Castle, 10 Deep, The Hundreds & A-Life. I had ideas to do my own clothing because I wanted to make clothes that my favorite brands weren’t making.

My mission at the time was to produce clothing that had messages or thoughtful meanings in them. My younger brother Fresh was a novice artist at the time. He began to incorporate his painting into clothing. My brother would work on images that I had ideas for and I would heat press them onto shirts.

I mainly created clothing just out of joy to do it. I didn’t really have a sense of consistency at first.

In 2011 I was evicted from my home and moved everything I had to Chicago. In Chicago, I would be exposed to a whole range of different styles and expressions of the way people dressed. After a year I moved back to Detroit in 2012 and started over. I would sketch ideas and drafts for a year of what I want my clothing to look like going forward. I began to really have a deeper meaning behind my brand and name.


As a creative director my main goal was to encourage individuals of all races to do something awesome. Using a negative term now to seek out a intricately named brand and Dstroy with a sense of pride. By this time I got introduced to screen printing and would do my 1st pop up in 2015 at The Baltimore Gallery titled Next Wave. I only did 1 design in Black/White and sold 1 shirt. I went back to the drawing board and just worked on printing on whatever clothing I could get my hands on. I would print on clothes and give them away to recording artist who came to town for shows. From Travis Scott, Theophilus London, Cakes Da Killa, Earl Sweatshirt and more. Moving on to do more pop ups at local rap showcases I kept making stuff and presenting my work.

In 2018 I would take things another step further and I was selected to be apart of the The Fashion Massacre Fashion Show.

My next endeavor would be my fascination with art installations & contemporary art. Ironically, The Baltimore Gallery was closing in 2019 so I asked the gallery owner at the time, Phil Fresh of Smile if I could do a pop up/installation and he approved it. For the 1st time ever I presented clothing & art in the installation titled “If You Can’t Beat Em, DSTROY Em”. This go round offering more items such as men’s & women’s clothing such as shirts, pants & rugs for home decor.


I would finally open up my work to be available for purchase online. Continuing to do pop ups at Mundane Monday and the Cash & Carry installation. From that point going forward I would consistently sell merchandise going into 2020.

Twitter/Instagram - @SERCHNDSTROY @ScootieMcB

Website -


This month Touré will be breaking down the direction of men's fashion and current trends he is loving. Read more below:

I love the direction that Men’s fashion is currently going: well crafted, and professionally thought out pieces being constructed. So many names come to mind when I think about fashion forward thinking, but I wanted to highlight some black fashion designers that deserve attention.

At the top of the list is Virgil Abloh, the architect turned designer. Juxtaposing elements at any given moment from streetwear to suits, his clothes are contemporary works of art. His recent collaboration with fashion house Louis Vuitton has opened the door for black designers. Mercedes Benz is his next collaboration we can look forward to.


Louis Vutton by Virgil Abloh & NIGO

Pyer Moss hit my radar at the top of the year. His spring 2016 menswear collection during New York Fashion Week highlighted police brutality, referencing the Black Lives Matter movement by implementing the use of video and street art with fashion.


Reebok collaboration with Pyer Moss

Former protégé of Virgil Abloh, Samuel Ross, founder of fashion house, A-Cold-Wall is creating amazing things. Since his start in 2015 the Brixton, London native he has been awarded the LVMH Prize, ANDAM Award, and the British Fashion Award.


Samuel Ross - A-Cold-Wall*

Grace Wales Bonner is a British fashion designer whose work addresses the politics of identity, sexuality, and race. Through her projects she delicately balances multinationalism with a sense of personal subjectivity. In 2014, she founded the London based label, Wales Bonner, originally specializing in menswear. She is also the recipient of several awards, and was voted number 41 on the Dazed 100 list in 2017.


Wales Bonner

Italian for “no sex/no gender,” No Sesso is the Los Angeles fashion house founded by Pierre Davis & Arin Hayes in 2015. Together they’ve created a line that challenges the conventions of fashion, art, culture, and design. A community powered brand that focuses on empowering people of all colors, shapes, and identities. No Sesso has stolen the spotlight with collections that feature a wide range of prints, fabrics, reconstructive materials, and most notably, signature hand embroidery.


No Sesso