As Detroit’s come back continues, the city is going to need events that peek the interest of it's new residents. So I couldn’t been more pleased to find out that some of city's long standing Curators of luxury events had teamed up to bring us The Detroit Polo Classic.

Demetrius Carrington is the CEO of the Detroit Polo Classic. He has booked some of the biggest names in show business. When you meet him you can’t help but be drawn in to his unique personality.

I recently got a chance to speak with him and this is what he had to say: “For Detroit to be a world class city we need world class events. These events have to be presented in the right way and by the right people.

I have been working with the City to find the right venue and the people are going to be very pleased, polo is coming to Detroit.”

Dennis Archer Jr. CEO Of Ignition Media: "when Demetrius called it took me 5 seconds and I know I was in. We both have a keen understanding of what people want and how to delivery it, I’m very excited to be about of the event."

Antisia King, Beautiful Machine Magazine VP of Global Programming: “This is going to be a very sexy event, from the parties, the Charity Ball, the fashion and design, every detail is being given detailed attention.”

The summer of 2022 is going to be incredible. When I asked Paul Corvino Regional President of IHeartRadio about this event he said, “I could’ve lived anywhere I wanted, but I choose Detroit to be a part of its comeback and events like this is just what the City needs. I’m going to do everything I can to help make The Detroit Polo Classic a success. And how could you go wrong with Dennis and Demetrius, you can’t.”

From the sound of this is going to be a wonderful event. I can’t wait till next summer.