The Detroit Pistons Breast Cancer Awareness Panel

By Antisia King


What an honor to have hosted this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Panel for the Detroit Pistons.

This was a panel full of dynamic women. I also had the pleasure of having my Mom, Thomasine Johnson, who is a double mastectomy breast cancer survivor in the audience which made this event even more meaningful and special to me.

The panelist included Dr. Fallon Dimaano DO (Henry Ford Hospital), who lost her grandmother to Breast Cancer during her surgical training. From this experience, Dr. Dimaano dedicated her career to helping people like her grandmother.

As she spoke about the importance of Breast Cancer screening and other risk factors, she highlighted her team of professionals who make sure that
each patient receives the best and the most individualized care.

Molly Macdonald who’s a Breast Cancer Survivor and the founder of Pink Fund, an organization that helps survivors with medical funding during their treatment and healing process, was also a speaker on the panel.

Another speaker was Sabrina Mayhew, a Breast Cancer Survivor and advocate, research nurse leader, and the founder of a nonprofit. Her work includes encouraging other Clinical Nurses to engage in evidence-based practices and research projects.

Tresse Roby who also shared her experience, is a Breast Cancer Survivor who had to go through this traumatic experience at a young age, with no hereditary cancer background or typical explanation. She expressed the importance of self-examining and staying vigilant about your breast health. She also talked about how it's okay to listen to your body and rest when needed and the importance of having a good support system around you.

The audience asked questions and expressed their concerns. They were attentive and pleased with the information and recourses provided.

This event was informative, beautiful, and well-organized by the Detroit Pistons, Arron Johnson and Kim Bischer. Complementary food, drinks, and T-shirts were provided for the guest.

Again, this was an honor to have led this panel discussion and I am grateful to the Detroit Pistons for having me.

To all of the Survivors and their loved ones going through this journey, stay strong and keep fighting, we're with you!